SEO Consultant – Do I Really Need One?

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Is an SEO Consultant and expense or an investment?

You may be under the impression that an SEO consultant is a luxury that your business you can ill afford and that search engine optimisation is a relatively simple process of putting up a few blogs and building a few links. Besides, you have access to thousands of potential customers through social media channels just waiting for your business right! The reality is that you couldn’t be further from the truth.

To anyone who is serious about increasing their online presence then an experienced SEO consultant is key to this success and here’s why…

Complex arena

As time goes by there are more and more influences on Search Engine Optimisation

. In the early days it was all about content, other influences came along such as domain age, size of site, regular updates, etc. As this got more competitive Links became a key factor in SEO. Recently Google have made significant changes – in some ways going back to content, but also taking into account the increasing importance of Social Media. As search technologies have evolved new influences have not replaced the old one, but are running side by side. An SEO Consultant can help to make sure that all of the required elements are being handled appropriately to maximise benefits.

Keeping up to date

The whole strategy around search engine marketing and optimisation is one that is constantly changing and constantly evolving. The recent changes that Google introduced, the upsurge in social media, and indeed mobile marketing, are all evidence of how quickly this arena changes. Unless as a business owner you have your finger on the pulse almost daily, then you could be deploying techniques which are not as effective, or worse still, simply no longer work.

This constant movement surrounding SEO best practices is ever changing and many business owners simply don’t have the time to keep up to date with what’s happening. As a result a competitor can steal a yard on you and be firmly placed in the search engine rankings before you know where you are. The long term effects of this on your business could be catastrophic. An SEO Consultant can ensure that your business is constantly ahead of the curve as Search Engine Marketing evolves.

A collection of processes

Search engine marketing isn’t simply one ‘set it and forget it’ process such as link building. Instead a skilled SEO consultant will use a collection of methods that are tested to effect the best results. These methods are monitored and updated to ensure that your business remains anchored to the top of the search engines. Any consultant worth their salt will use a step by step transparent approach which can effect measurable results over time.

It goes without saying that any business which doesn’t have an online presence is missing out on a large slice of the market place. However the actual act of putting up a website isn’t enough any more. That website not only has to be seen, it also has to compete with thousands of others. Getting to the top of the search engine rankings is a highly skilled process involving multiple techniques. However once there, it could mean an increase in revenue as you generate more and more customers. This is what a highly experienced SEO consultant has the power to do.

In summary an SEO Consultant can

  • Allow you to concentrate on your business, and not on the technicalities of search engines
  • Ensure that your business is constantly using techniques and processes that are in line with current technologies
  • Drive additional business today, while also building a platform for success in the future.
A good SEO Consultant will be able to measure and report on progress against pre-agreed goals and targets.

If you believe that your business isn’t where it needs to be, then contact us to discuss your SEO needs today. You may be surprised at how much we can help!

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