If you already have a website, you will be very aware that this is just one piece of your Internet Marketing Strategy. Like any other tool in your business it has to be judged based on the business it is generating or the costs it is saving. Each website and Internet Marketing strategy must have clearly defined goals – example of this might be

  • To generate business leads
  • To sell online
  • To answer frequently asked customer questions
  • To provide customer service/support
  • To provide channels of communication to/from your clients or prospects
  • To provide market research capabilities

Clearly defined Internet Marketing goals are a key first step to success.

Once your goals are defined, you then need an integrated internet marketing strategy and plan to use the available tools and technologies to deliver on your goals.

How can we help?

The first step when working with a client who already has an Internet presence is to complete a business/competitive analysis to understand your current Internet position and to determine what steps are needed to achieve your goals.

We use our Internet Marketing and Business experience to work with you to develop a complete Internet Marketing Strategy based on the specific needs of your industry and company. The elements of the Internet Marketing Strategycan include one or more of the areas below

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