You understand the importance of Internet Marketing to your business, but many questions come up again and again

  • Are you getting the best return on investment?
  • In the context of your overall marketing plan, are you putting too much or too little into the internet?
  • Are you making the investment in the right places?
  • Are you using the internet to get market intelligence?
  • Are you getting the feeback/analysis you need to make informed marketing decisions?

The internet is the most measureable marketing tool available when you have the tools and expertise to take advantage. You can determine which elements of your Internet Marketing activities are generating activity and more importantly, which elements are generating business. Structured properly you can also used the internet to measure the effectiveness of much of your offline marketing activities. This information is hugely valuable in planning and improving the return on your marketing investment.

How can we help?

Leveraging our Internet Marketing and Business experience, we use our Internet Business Analysis (IBA) andCompetitive Analysis tools to get an accurate view of your current internet position in the context of your industry and competition. We use this information to develop a clear Internet Marketing Strategy/plan along with a management/continuous improvement process.The services that we can provide include

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Why work with us?

We offer a professional personalised service to all of our clients. We focus on using the internet to help to grow your business, giving regular reports on Internet Marketing status and business benefits.

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