Landing Pages

A landing page is a specific web page that is designed only to receive campaign traffic, also know as a lead-capture page. It’s designed to focus on a single objective, drawing targeted traffic for a specific marketing campaign.

What’s the Point of a Landing Page?

In short, a landing page functions to:

  • capture leads so that you can market to specific people in the future, or
  • ‘warm up’ potential customers to the product you are trying to sell them before they enter your sales funnel.

Landing pages aren’t like your main website pages. They don’t provide visitors with a variety of options and choices, with a range of links to draw them in. A landing page has only one goal: to create a ‘call-to-action’ and entice your customers to click on it.

Every Campaign Needs a Great Landing Page


Landing pages should:

  • be the first port of call for all of your campaign need
  • reinforce the message on the link that takes you to them (message match)
  • have a headline and sub-headline, and a description of the offer
  • include at least one supporting image
  • contain a form to capture visitor’s information
  • embrace white space and keep text and images as simple as possible
  • show your customers that you take their privacy seriously – include security seals, a BBB rating or a privacy message.

We are experienced in the lingo of landing pages, and we relish the challenge of creating great pages for you. More landing pages generate more leads, and we work to maximise the potential of this tool by combining our expertise in website design and responsive design.

Our skilled graphic team can create dynamic, attention grabbing landing pages that will make the most of tools such as smart fields (automatically shortening your forms if a visitor has already been ‘collected’ by your marketing database).

We use methods that are proven to increase site traffic and customer commitment, so your landing pages will work better for your business.

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