Understand Your Current Online Performance, and Identify Opportunities for Profitable Growth

The Internet Business Analysis(IBA) is a business and internet marketing assessment tool that analyses the dynamics of your business, reviews your internet marketing needs and identifies opportunities that will help your business profit from the Internet. The IBA will help you uncover how the Internet canincrease your revenue, reduce costs and improve business efficiencies.

The Internet Business Analysis looks at the following areas

Strategy – Understand the marketing strategies of the company. What marketing media and tools had been used? What has been effective and what has not. Are there opportunities to get better returns on marketing investment for the same marketing spend. For a company to invest their marketing spend they must have a strategy, otherwise their efforts may be ineffective.

Marketing – Many companies find it very difficult to track and measure the success of their marketing activities. However, the internet is the best environment for companies to spend their marketing budget, track and measure their success instantly and see a positive ROI. This section will clearly identify how new business is attracted today and how this can be improved.

Acquisition – Looks at how the company gets new customers. Once a lead is identified what are the companies strengths and weaknesses. What are the processes and tools in place to convert the lead to a customer.

Retention – It is fact, that it is more cost effective to retain customers than to acquire new ones. We identify what tools or processes are in place to take care of and communicate with existing customers. Is the right level of focus turned towards keeping your customers happy – over time they are more likely to refer your to their friends and colleagues and will generally be a repeat buyer.

Testing – A key failure in many websites today is the lack of measuring and testing simply being able to determine the website ROI (return on Investment). Basically, is it working? If not, how can I fix it? The greatest websites online today did not get it right the first time. They understand that you have to try different ingredients within the site to get the winning recipe.

The IBA process consists of

  • Personal Interview with the Business Decision Makers
  • Webscan – technical review to determine web performance
  • Competitive Analysis – website comparison with major competitors in your industry
  • Development and Presentation of Report


Is your website really working for you? Webscan does a technical review of your site and identifies your website performance compared to your competition.

In this report we will give you a comprehensive analysis of your website, how it’s performing and clear ways on how you can improve the website to improve your rankings on the search engines!

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