The social media phenomenon has exploded over the past few years with Facebook now creeping towards 1 billion users, LinkedIn reporting 160 million users and other sites such as Twitter experiencing the same growth. It’s a great way to share information in real time and if you look at it in advertising terms, people could potentially be communicating about your brand. That’s the power of social media! For many business owners they understand the fact that they should be using the platform of social media as a serious marketing tool, but fail to understand exactly how to implement the right social media strategy. This is where ePresence come in.

We are an experienced online marketing company who have offices in Cork, Ireland. Our aim is to help businesses to develop their presence online. We can work with you in order to put together the perfect social media strategy. Ireland has around 2 million social media users and that figure is growing by the day. With this in mind, it really pays to put your business right in front of your target audience and with the right social media strategy in place, it can leverage huge results.

If you are struggling with your social media implementation then ePresencehave put together the perfect package in the form of a 60 page information document on social media for business. It contains tools, templates, check lists, resources and best practice information such as Goal Setting, implementation planning, social media monitoring and ROI measurement. This information is all you need to leverage the right media platform for your business in order to reinforce your brand and expand your customer base.

If you are thinking about the best way to get your brand recognised using the power of social media then you need asocial media strategy! Cork based ePresence have the experience and the capabilities to work closely with you to help you develop yours. Contact us for an initial social media strategy consultation today.