Most companies today recognise the importance of having a website. Like the telephone, it is a necessary tool that your customers simply expect you to have. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your product or service locally, nationally or even internationally. What you may not realise however is that a bad website can actually cost you business rather than attract new customers. Yes, “bad” is a subjective term, but there are best practices for Internet marketing that have a direct impact on the success of any website.

Like the “real” world, the Internet is a complex area. A good website should be the cornerstone of your Internet Marketing, but must be considered in the broader context of your internet marketing plan.

Among the areas that you need to consider are

  • Affordable Website Design and Development – it is critical that the platform that you select provide the capabilities that you need today, as well as the ability to grow as your business develops.
  • Building Targeted Traffic – what is the point in having a great website if no-one comes to it? You need to consider what activities you are going to undertake to drive the right visitors to your site.
  • Conversion – once visitors arrive to your website what are you going to do to increase the likelihood that they will become customers?
  • Measurement and Continuous Improvement – the internet is constantly changing. You or your competitors can learn from past online activity and have the ability to use this knowledge to constantly improve your online performance. Not taking advantage of this knowledge is a lost opportunity.

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