What drives Website Performance? How do you turn Site Visitors into Business Customers?

Conversion Architecture™…The Blueprint for Internet Marketing.

Effectively implementing Conversion Architecture™ is the secret to optimizing your Internet return on investment(ROI)! It separates the experts from the “wannabes” in Internet marketing. We work with you to analyze your business with this proven technique to help increase customer satisfaction with the online experience and most importantly, to increase conversion!

What is Conversion?

“Virtually all web sites have a persuasive purpose. To change what people think and do online, you need to first clarify your target outcomes and then make sure everything leads to those outcomes.”

The target outcome would be an online purchase, completing an online form, downloading a brochure or simply picking up the phone to call.

Conversion is when a visitor successfully completes the pre-defined goal/action via the website

So how does it work?

The guiding philosophy of Conversion Architecture™ is to be aware at all times that a website of any nature must have a persuasive purpose that is targeted to a specific customer profile. Your Internet Marketing Consultant will analyse your target customers to create profiles based on their behaviour and objectives. Once these have been identified, the Consultant will use these factors in the layout, design and content of your website. Your goal then is to ensure that every element of your website persuades visitors on your site to take the actions that lead to the delivery of your objectives (conversion).

For decades, sales and marketing experts have talked about a “Sales funnel” and how important it is to maintain a high volume of prospects in the “pipeline”. How do you “funnel” and filter to the prospects that will become paying customers?

In the dotcom boom of the mid-nineties when everyone wanted to jump onto the dotcom bandwagon, this vital concept of the sales funnel got sidelined in the face of factors such as design, budget, urgency and of course, the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) syndrome. Thankfully, just as many impact-bearing industry trends come full circle, this one seems to be tunneling right back to the fundamentals of advanced selling including: audience profiling, segmented needs analysis, and conversion channels to increase the number and quality of sales leads and to ultimately, grow your customer base.

As a business owner, how often do you make a business decision to please the average customer? Many of us are guilty of this, not realizing that there is no “average customer.” Focusing on everyone means your site may not appeal to anyone.

We will monitor and measure your results to ensure that your efforts are driving results to your bottom line. Remember that every click on your site is a step towards conversion. Visitor satisfaction with every click on your site should build confidence until they reach the final click where they convert into a customer.

Whether or not you use diverse Internet marketing methods like pay per click advertising, landing pages, viral marketing campaigns, etc., you can always think of your website as your primary marketing vehicle. We are trained “architects” who specialise in crafting the Conversion Architecture™ blueprint to help you reap enhanced Internet profitability.

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