Turning site visitors into Business Customers

By now you have a professional looking website and have started to generate good targeted traffic. What’s next in developing your online marketing? How do you turn these site visitors into customers?

We have proven tools and techniques available to maximise your conversion rates. These tools include

  • Conversion Architecture
  • Optimised Copy Writing
  • Landing Pages
  • Live Chat

Conversion Architecture

Our Conversion Architecture techniques are the foundation for visitor conversion. This ensures that you have a clear view of the purpose and goals of your website and that the layout, design and content of you website clearly guide site visitors to those goals.

Optimised Copy Writing

As we get lost in the technology of the internet today, we sometimes overlook that having good content on your website is the only thing that will attract the three audiences that every website needs to please: Prospects, Clients and Search Engines.

The primary focus should always be placed on your prospects and clients. After all, without them there would be no point in having a website. Effective website copy writing can mean the difference between 2 or 2,000 sales. The website content must be clear and concise, persuasive, and written for the specific audience based on the Conversion Architecture Analysis.

Your secondary audience is the Search Engine. Remember, the goal of a Search Engine is to provide the most Relevant and Important content available. You are competing with millions of Web pages online and to ensure your message is heard, you need to follow guidelines above, but also format the content and Web page so the search engines can find and easily index your website.

This is important for your initial website content, but is also critical with regard to maintenance. To keep your content fresh you need to have a regular website update – providing fresh information keeping both site visitors and search engines engaged and interested.

Call to Action

You have defined a clear goal for your website – you now have to make it as easy as possible for your site visitor to reach that goal. Each page will also focus on a compelling call to action i.e. the next step that you want the site visitor to take to get closer to the site goal. The “Call to Action” must be clearly visible and attract the visitors attention – there should be no doubt in their mind as to what to do next.

Landing Pages

Not all site visitors are looking for the same thing. Not all site visitors are starting from the same point – some already know the company and product, some are completely new. Where possible we will use landing pages rather than that home page for site visitors. Based on the keywords that they have used for search we already know what they are interested in. The landing page takes your client or prospect directly to the area they are interested in – improving the chances that they will start on your site and moving they closer to a purchase decision.

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