Email Marketing Software – The Power Of Constant Contact

One of the most effective methods of online marketing is undoubtedly via email marketing software. Companies such asConstant Contact offer businesses a chance to run their own effective email campaigns utilising customisable templates that deliver a highly professional look which you can create in minutes.

In addition to this you have the option to create smart looking newsletters with the Constant Contact newsletter software. Here you can spread the word about your promotions and special offers at the click of a button. The ability to build a strong connection with your target audience is something that effective email marketing software does really well and as a result, it can also help to build brand loyalty and of course repeat custom. Because of this, Constant Contact give you the ability to build and manage your email list whilst giving you the tools to monitor and measure your campaign results.

Many online marketing companies use email marketing software for their clients’ campaigns and one of the most efficient isConstant Contact. Ireland based ePresence (an internet marketing company) recommend them and suggest that ‘Constant Contact can help any business connect with their customers, strengthen customer loyalty and expand their organisation’.

If as a company you are trying to market through emails without email marketing software you may run into a few snags. For example if you are on a normal business server and your email list grows beyond 100 people which is very likely for a small to medium sized business, then it might prove clumsy to send emails to everyone at once. In addition your domain could be reported for spamming, or your email could be blocked from many recipients without any notification. With Constant Contact, Cork based companies for example, can send emails with no problems even if they have say thousands of recipients. This is the power of having your own email marketing software.

In essence an email marketing campaign is something that every business should be implementing, so with this in mind, why not sign up for a free email marketing software trial at Constant Contact or alternatively you can contact us to discuss your needs.


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