The continual expansion and competitive advantage of any company, regardless of its size or industry, lies solely on two things: lead generation and customer retention. Generating new sales and repeat business from existing customers is the lifeline of all companies. Without new leads entering your sales pipeline and existing customers staying engaged with your brand, your company would simply not be able to grow.

One of the best ways to generate new leads and nurture existing ones is by implementing a carefully planned and engaging email marketing strategy. Email is a tool that nearly everyone uses today, and it continues to grow and be more prevalent among Internet users worldwide.

The Email Marketing Strategy Guide Features

  • General email marketing guidelines
  • Choosing an email marketing system
  • How to build your database
  • Determining your customer segments
  • Writing effective subject lines
  • Email design do’s and don’ts
  • Adding Social Media to your e-mail
  • Understanding CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Testing your email marketing message
  • Integrating email in your marketing mix
  • Optimising your email for mobile users
  • Case studies, templates and checklists

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