Often business owners, managers or employees within a company have the interest and the skills to work on some or all elements of your Internet Marketing needs. There are vast resources available online to help in this case – but very often it takes time to determine what is a valuable tool or resource and what is a waste of time.

To help with this we have compiled a list of Internet Marketing tools, tips and resources that we use ourselves and are happy to recommend – some of these we are offering for sale, some are free, some we just direct you to the source.

We are not saying that these are necessarily the best solution in every case, but they are tools that we have found useful.

E-mail Marketing with Constant Contact

Email Marketing: Build a better business through customer loyalty and referrals

Email Marketing by Constant Contact® makes it easy, effective, and highly affordable to connect with your audience and build strong, successful, lasting relationships with them.

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Online Survey with Constant Contact

Get the feedback you need to keep customers coming back with Online Survey
Online Survey by Constant Contact® makes it easy to get customer feedback that helps you respond to their needs, keep them loyal, and grow your organization.

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Event Marketing with Constant Contact

Event Marketing. The powerful – yet simple – way to manage your events. From promoting your event to processing payments, Event Marketing handles all the details of setting up and managing your event in one complete, easy–to–use online solution.

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ePresence Email Marketing Strategy Guide

Generating new sales and repeat business from existing customers and contacts is the lifeline of all companies. Without new leads and existing customers staying engaged with your brand, your company simply would not be able to grow.

Does you company have a lead generation and customer retention strategy?

ePresence Email Marketing Strategy Guide – a step by step process to help your company establish a lead generation and customer retention program.

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Social Media Strategy Kit

In today’s world full of new media and digital communication technologies, people have an easier and faster way to share messages with friends, family and even strangers. The reality is people are communicating online in real-time…potentially about your company and brand.
ePresence has put together a Social Media Strategy Kit specifically for our clients. Within this kit, you will find information that companies must know in order to implement a Social Media Strategy.

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