Have you noticed that almost everyone has a smartphone?

Whether walking down the street, sitting in a restaurant or at work – as you look around they have become a constant in our everyday lives. As we live in such a fast paced, on-demand environment – these invaluable little gadgets are often a person’s first point of contact with the Internet and more and more their initial resource to find products and services.

Here at ePresence, we understand that an effective Internet Marketing Package is not complete without engaging with this growing consumer channel. Whether B2C or B2B – engaging in Mobile Marketing is critical. Whether because of smaller screens, less computer resources, smaller attention spans, or just the different way the content is consumed, mobile technologies require a different approach. There is no single recipe for success, and strategies that work well for your website presence don’t always translate well to the mobile world. And that’s why ePresence has dedicated a portion of our offerings to mobile marketing.

From catching up on the news, to banking, to social media, to making an online purchase, customers use their mobile phones for so many things, and the list seems to grow day by day. We follow these emerging trends closely, and you can count on ePresence to stay on the cutting edge of the mobile and tablet computer revolution. Our research and experience is your path to success. Let’s discover how to grow your business with mobile marketing today.

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