On Page Optimisation  (SEO)

Your website may look pretty, but can Google crawl it properly?

On page optimization is all about taking measures within your own website to improve its position in the search engine rankings. Jargon aside, this means that you’ll be more visible on the web and that more potential customers will see your site.

Your site will be easy to navigate, user friendly and fast loading – and we will ensure that we always use excellent quality content, which is fresh and relevant.

Web sites that are easy to use are great for your business, and we’ll use our technical expertise to ensure a professional, appealing site that works on every level.

On Page SEO

An ideally Optimized Web Page should:

  • Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic (usually a keyword highlighted by our discussions with you. This means including the subject in the title tag, in the URL and in image alt text. We will ensure that the specific subject is specified several times throughout the text content.
  • Provide unique content about a given subject
  • Contain optimised titles, descriptions, images and links, both internal and external
  • Include text formatting and proper URL structures
  • Link back to its category page
  • Link back to its subcategory page (if applicable)
  • Link back to its homepage. Normally via an image link showing the website logo on the top left of the page.
  • Contain user friendly 404 pages
  • Have Google Authorship verification for all pages.

Leave it with us!

If this all sounds a bit technical, the good news is that you don’t need to worry about any of it! Here at ePresence, we’ll take care of the details and the ultimate result will be that Google will be able to understand and find your site much more easily, helping it to rank more highly.

On the simplest level, we’re aiming to develop brand awareness and increase the profile of your website. More traffic, more conversions, more business!

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