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The Importance Of Social Media Marketing In Your Overall Marketing Strategy

It is fair to say that any company that doesn’t employ social media marketing methods in this day and age is simply missing out on a powerful strategy that could potentially bring your business a myriad of targeted customers. To put this into perspective, Facebook users at present number over 900 million. If the rate of growth continues like it has, then this figure is set to reach the magic billion mark by the end of 2012. Likewise Twitter has recently (March 2012) stated that they now have 500 million users. To put it simply that’s 1.5 billion users, some of whom could potentially be customers for your business. For this reason social marketing is a must.

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The growth of social media is nothing but extraordinary and in a little over 8 years Facebook has gone from a small website set up by 4 Harvard students, to the most frequently used website on the planet. In parallel, Twitter has grown from a means of communication for employees working within a pod-casting company back in 2006, to generating over 50 million tweets every single day in 2012. Just recently, social media made big news when it surpassed email in terms of thenumber one online activity.

Social media marketing practices such as Facebook and LinkedIn marketing have reacted to this on a similar trajectory and spending has also gone stratospheric in recent years, from an overall spend of $450 million in 2008, to over $1.5 billion in 2012 there is no stopping it. Recent research into advertising habits by research group Forrester, predict that company spending on marketing social media will out strip that of any other form of marketing by the end of 2012.

Being able to get your message out there in front of millions of users is vital to your business success and this is where a highly skilled team of experienced marketers come in. Experts in Social Media Marketing have been helping local businesses drive targeted traffic to their websites. In Ireland there are around 2 million social media users and if they already know about your business and are happy with the service, they are going to communicate this point to their friends. When you consider that the average person on Facebook has 137 friends, that’s a lot of potential customers that can be reached in a very short space of time.

When it comes to social media marketing, Cork based internet marketing company ePresence understand exactly how small businesses can harness the potential of the Social Technology explosion. As a result, we have helped even the smallest businesses to grow from dealing with local customers to being positioned firmly within a truly global marketplace.

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