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Importance of Social Media for Business in Ireland

Social media has become a necessary component of business operations, especially in Ireland where upwards of 1.9 million people connect to others by way of at least one form of social networking.

There was a time when Search Engine Optimization and subsequent rankings by Google was essential to the success of the online marketing efforts of an enterprise or organization. However, within the last three to five years, the global marketplace has experienced a sharp and sustained rise in the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As never before, potential customers expect news and information to seek them out and knowing this information has proven beneficial to marketing mavens everywhere who have long had their eye on News Feed Optimization, or NFO. It is important that the business owners of Ireland keep pace with trends in the global marketplace by utilizing the medium of social media in the critical areas of reputation management and reaching out to potential customers.

Social Media, Meet Business

As the metrics of NFO marketing continue to mature, the data collected will help the end user to create specific advertising campaigns targeted toward potential and existing customers based on their individual online interactions. More and more organizations are less likely to rely upon avenues such as direct mail, telemarketing and e-mail campaigns in favor of reaching out to customers based on their stated preferences and current interactions.

One point for consideration: your clients and customers are already talking about your organization, developing an online presence in the arenas where customers communicate with one another would be a wise move.

Business, Meet Your Customer

Social media advertising campaigns produce reliable results, especially when bolstered by a supportive cast of appropriate actively managed accounts. A well-designed Facebook page, rich with content and responsive to suggestions, complaints and inquiries can go a long way to introduce, establish and solidify both new and existing relationships.

A carefully managed Twitter account, including tweets designed to be “re-tweeted” can result in improved event support and create excitement for newly released products and merchandise. LinkedIn can provide direct access to a pool of qualified talent necessary to the successful growth of any organization.

Whichever way you choose to use this medium, make sure the content posted enhances the reputation of your company. The primary objective of any business in the social media marketplace should be to improve your customer base by building positive relationships. Properly designed campaigns will appeal to the global customer, allowing even the smallest of organizations to expand their scope beyond the shores of Ireland and take their place in the global marketplace.

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