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Digital marketing is vital if you want to make a success of your business in the 21st century. Getting your web presence right can have an enormous impact on the amount of website visitors you manage to reach and convert into leads you can follow up with, and using the services of a professional digital marketing service can make a real difference to the impression you make online.

However, there is no point in working hard to create an effective web presence if you can’t monitor how well you are achieving your aims and making your conversions. Many ‘experts’ suggest that this is a complicated process that involves learning a great deal of jargon, but here at ePresence, we believe that the analysis process can be streamlined with a good analytics dashboard, concentrating on just a few key indicators that will tell you whether or not your digital marketing strategy is working.

Are You Tracking Your Digital Marketing Performance?

A key step in developing a successful digital marketing strategy is to take time to clearly define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you will use to measure performance, and set realistic targets for them. These should be easy to measure and unambiguous, and should flow directly from your overall business strategy.

Try focusing on the following areas:

1. Where does your traffic come from? Finding out who is visiting your website gives you an idea of the target audience you are reaching, and the demographics your business appeals across.

2. What’s your ‘bounce rate’? If a lot of viewers immediately leave your site, you’re not reaching the right people or marketing from the right angle. Ensure that you have good, current links with relevant and engaging data to increase your conversion rate.

3. What’s your search engine ranking like? Climbing up those rankings is a digital marketing goal for most businesses, and using analytics to find out which of your methods are successful and which are not will help you to adjust your marketing strategy for greater success.

4. Are you evolving? KPIs tend to evolve as your digital marketing matures. In the early stages, a key goal might be simply to increase traffic to your website. Over time, your focus may move to the quality of that traffic, and to specific conversions such as online sales or lead generation.

5. Is it easy to evaluate? Demonstrating the performance of your KPIs compared to the targets you set previously can provide an extra dimension for your management team to evaluate performance. The hardest bit is defining your KPIs, and it’s easy to implement a simple dashboard in Excel once this is done.


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