The sheer amounts of press/buzz generated by the topic of social media marketing could be enough to keep you and your business away from the whole game entirely. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter  and beyond, it’s more than a tad overwhelming. Yet in today’s market, social media marketing is vital to the overall internet marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. And using social media to its fullest is easy when you know how to build strong optimization strategies. Following these easy tips will have you using the social media genre to build your business while getting closer to your customers.

Social Media Optimization Strategies:

Social Media Optimization is essentially acting with the intent of attracting unique visitors to your social media pages. Typically, this includes using things like RSS feeds, social news, sharing buttons, user rating and polling tools as well as incorporating third-party community functionalities like images and videos. Optimization will help you get the most out of your social media sites like Facebook, so don’t be afraid to add this type of content to your profile page. Next, ensure that you regularly engage with your friends using online videos, comments and links. Follow this up by increasing your social media’s link-ability by incorporating a personal blog or other original material from your website. Finally, spread all of your content through various social media sites as well as your own website for maximum optimization.

Social Media Marketing For Business:

Social media marketing is essentially like using all the fun things about social networking sites, but for your business. So incorporate all the bells and whistles of these sites into your strategy. You can also place polls on your page about new products to gain feedback. Post photos of the most popular inventory and even the least popular to improve its popularity. These sites are vital for communicating with clients. Posting on walls and instant messaging eliminates the need for comment cards or angry voice mail messages!

Use Social Media to Boost Sales and Brand Awareness:

There are millions of ways to increase sales on social media platforms, like using the sites to introduce special offers, coupons and competitions. Additionally, these sites are crucial for announcing special business sales or events. While you increase your company’s brand visibility, your fans will spread the word about your company by simply following you. And you can increase your fan base by using your e-mail lists in mere minutes. Also, “following” or “friending” some complimentary businesses is a great way to cross-promote your brand through social media marketing.

What is the best thing about social media marketing? Everybody can do it and since you probably spend time on these sites already, why not try it out? Read more about Social Media Optimization