Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of anyone who wishes to make a success out of internet marketing. When leveraged correctly, social media marketing campaigns can drive more traffic to a website than even the mighty Google search engine; so it is a resource that should never be overlooked.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a way of driving traffic to a website by using the power of social networking. It is can be used to promote everything from small personal websites to large business sites and affiliate pages and—best of all—the traffic is usually free.

The Big Three Social Networks

Internet marketers are spoiled for choice when choosing a social network to work with, but Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are probably the most popular at the moment. Anyone who doubts this needs do little more than take a look at the preferred social networks used by big businesses. Tune into the QVC shopping channel, for instance, and the emblems for these big three social networks are there at the bottom of the screen.

Share the Love

Human beings love to share their experiences. If they didn’t social networks would never have been invented; so if someone is surfing the web and finds a really fantastic deal on iPhones, or a particularly interesting or funny blog post or website, the chances are they will wish to share their discovery with everyone on their social networks. It happens every minute of every day; so the real trick of making social media marketing work is to create content that people love so much they want to share it.

Examples of share worthy content include:

•  Anything that is well written and entertaining
•  Funny pictures, blog posts, articles etc.
•  Anything very controversial or shocking
•  Original informative articles on a specialist subject
•  Fantastic deals

There, are of course, many other examples, but—in a nutshell—if someone loves something enough to share it, the chances are other members of their social networks may also love it enough to share it across all their own preferred social networks. Social media marketing is powerful and the right kind of content can go viral very quickly indeed, so any internet marketer hoping for online success should never overlook this important online resource.