As internet marketing strategies become more prominent in your business’ overall marketing mix, you’ll soon realize (if not already) that online networking via social media platforms is integral to your company’s visibility. In the first part of my social networking tips, we offered you two tips to get you started effectively social media networking online. And here are a couple more:

Convenience is Key

Remember that Internet users are generally very lazy! Use social media marketing to help your customers save two things that are important to most people: time and money. For instance, you can offer exclusive coupons and specials via social networks such as  Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Or you can interact with your customers and allow them to make or cancel appointments via on Facebook. (Of course, this means you’ll have to monitor your social platforms very closely!) Other users in Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, will notice the perks you’re offering and will be more compelled to follow your accounts as well. Examples of this are some shops that run competitions through Twitter. They show their special offers on the site and then say that the next person to go to the shop say a secret word, which they tell to their followers, wins something. This not only excites people about your shop but also gets them to your shop just after they here your new special offers!

Gauge Customer Service

Portals like Twitter, Citysearch and Yelp are invaluable resources that enable you to monitor what customers have to say about your business’ products or services. If the feedback you find is positive, try sending a thank you note or a coupon that they can use on their next visit to your store or on your website. However, if the comments are unsavory, ensure you take action! However, make sure you take the right course of action. Just because the customer is online and not in front of you the saying “the customer is always right” still applies. It is very important that your re-read every comment you leave because while you are writing a comment it might seem ok but when you re-read it, it seems arrogant or even rude. Back in April 2009, Yelp began allowing business owners to publicly comment on reviews about their businesses and provide additional context around specific reviews. The key lesson here is that replying to your customers’ reviews or comments shows you care about your reputation and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your customers are happy. And since this is all done publicly, people will take note of your vested interest as a business owner and may give your services a chance at a later date. I’ll be posting my last 2 social networking tips soon! Learn more about how you can use Social Media Networking to keep your business up-to-date.