Networking is second nature to many professionals, especially to business owners who recognize the value behind a credible network of peers and customers. But the days of attending Chamber of Commerce meetings for networking opportunities are long gone; these days, as I’m sure you already know, nearly everyone networks online. Including an online approach to your business’ internet marketing initiatives is vital in today’s digital world. As social media continues to grow, your business’ website traffic and your credibility will become more and more dependent on how well you use social media platforms.  So, take a look at a few online networking tips.

Mark Your Digital Territory

The sooner you begin to build your social media presence, the better. Register your business’ brand and trademarks on all the social media platforms you want to use. Make sure to register even if you aren’t active in the social place yet. Ultimately, the goal is to protect your business’ brand and to ensure that no one else gets a hold of your business’ name before you do! Unauthorized use of your brands name can cause serious damage to your business’ image. For example, on YouTube another company is using the channel promote their own line of burgers. Learn from this and beat your competitors to the punch. Just visit any social media portal you intend to use in the future and open a user account under your company name.

Ensure a Cohesive Tone

It’s important that you create a social media policy that clearly illustrates how your company’s brand should be represented by its employees and affiliates. This allows multiple employees to manage various social media efforts at once. And importantly, this will allow for everyone to have a similar voice and message. Ultimately, you will want all outlets to have the same look and feel as your company website as well as your other marketing material. For example, in a lot social platforms like Twitter or YouTube, create a template that can be used across the system. Many more social networking tips to come! Learn more about how you can use Social Media to keep your business up-to-date with today’s evolving digital media technologies.