How Mobile Marketing Is Changing The Way That We Advertise

Mobile Marketing, Cork IrelandOver the last four or five years mobile marketing has become a great way to advertise and any company that isn’t including this platform as part of their overall marketing is certainly missing out on a opportunity and here’s why…

Latest statistics from OFCOM (the independent regulator for the UK telecommunications industry) state that as of the first quarter of 2012, 92% of the UK population own a mobile phone. In addition to this a recent report published by Google on their Google mobile ads blog stated that out of this 92% a little under half (45%) own a smart phone. This figure has risen from 30% in the eight months leading up to the turn of the year (2012). Studies also showed that more people now use a mobile phone for all their online interactions than they do a desktop PC or a laptop.

Mobile phone advertising

Because of the smart phone explosion in recent years, smart businesses clearly realise that marketing via mobile phone is a great way to get their name and brand out there. However many companies have also come to realise that they cannot simply advertise as they have in the past. Instead concepts have had to change and advertising to the ‘mobile masses’ has to be done in a certain way.

Another survey carried out by the company Velti (a research and marketing company) suggested that although 79% of mobile phone users accept that advertising via mobile marketing is inevitable, 56% suggested that they would indeed support these methods, on the proviso that it was on an ‘opt in’ basis and incentivised with cash, goods, or special offers.

Powerful marketing if handled right

Clearly a prime benefit of advertising via mobile marketing unlike radio, TV or newspaper is that the mobile phone advert is always placed right where the recipient is going to see it, every single time and this is obviously powerful stuff. However if the mobile marketing campaign isn’t handled right and encourages users to engage, or at least get something out of it, then as a business you could not only be throwing money down the drain, but could also be potentially damaging your company’s reputation.

So what is actually on the consumers wish list?

With a ‘what’s in it for me’ approach to advertising it might be useful to know what consumers value most..

Cash is King

According to Velti 50% of potential customers stated that if there was a cash incentive attached to the advertisement then it would certainly get their interest and is the top reason why people act of offers for products and services.

Free data, minutes or texts

Although not something that most businesses can offer, next on the wish list were free data, minutes or texts. 44% stated that this would be an attractive reward and I believe emphasises that fact that consumers want to use their mobile devices more and more.

Local based services

Her is the big opportunity for local businesses to take advantage of Mobile Marketing. 22% of mobile phone users suggest that the use of local based services such as money off deal for two at a local restaurant is a reasonable incentive to get them to part with their hard earned cash.

In essence, mobile marketing is all about customer interaction and as a result more and more people are having to think outside of the box for ways in which to do this. It isn’t simply about putting an advert out there. Instead it’s all about building credibility with the brand and awareness of your target audience. If you can do these things and do them well, then it is fair to say that you could be on to a winning formula.

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