Video Marketing Growth And How It Can Help Your Business

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The use of video marketing is undoubtedly an extremely powerful tool. You’ve only got to look at the huge rise in popularity of video sharing sites such as YouTube to see that this isn’t a ‘flash in the pan’ marketing ploy. In fact, video marketing is here to stay and as a result, any business that is serious about their marketing efforts really needs to embrace it.

A few facts

  • People are more likely to share videos than other media such as articles.
  • People are more likely to spend time watching a video than take the same time to read through content
  • People will remember more from a video than they will from written text alone
  • Overall if it is a decent video – the experience for the user will be more positive

Video is engaging on different levels. In essence, a simple video can be far more persuasive than the written word. It has the ability to connect with potential customers on three different levels – Audio, Images and Text. This is important as people are known to learn and absorb information in different ways. In addition, Video marketing also has the power to deliver a lot of punchy and insightful information inside a short and compact format.

The growth of video marketing has also been heavily influence by developments in technology. From a video marketing production standpoint, the ability to create and shared video has become a lot cheaper and faster. Professional videos can be created without the level of equipment and production that was required in the past. On the recipient side the increases in broadband speeds as well as the growth in availability and capabilities of smart phones and tablets that can offer users a rich video experience on demand. These technology advancements have made Video Marketing a great way of spreading the word to a wider audience.

So why YouTube for Video Marketing?

YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet and allows you to create your own channel. Anyone who fully optimises this channel and creates engaging content will drive more traffic, as well as providing a powerful ‘followable’ link back to their website. Let’s take a look at how else YouTube can benefit your business.

  • YouTube gives you the platform upon which you can promote products and services as well as the ability to create that all important business brand
  • It gives you immediate access to a ton of powerful backlinks as over half the traffic on the web is now video related.
  • A great video may have the ability to go ‘viral’ and once this happens, it can generate extreme amounts of traffic
  • Social media sites and video sharing go hand in hand and this can be a great way to advertise your products and services.
  • You can also embed your YouTube videos in your website – making it more dynamic, informative and interesting to site visitors.

A carefully worded and scripted production has the ability to drive traffic conversion through all parts of the process; including getting found by potential customers, lead conversion, and finally closing the sale. In fact, it is fair to say that no other form of marketing has this sort of ‘all round’ impact. For this reason, video marketing via YouTube presents great opportunities to business.

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