Web Analytics provide a wealth of information about your business, your clients behaviour and the performance of your Website. Are you taking advantage of this?

Getting the right expertise is critical, because this will allow you to quickly get a return on your online investments.

See what marketing activities are providing resultsand which are not, therefore informing you marketing investment decisions

Analytics-Display-Reduced-300x199Unlike many other forms of Marketing, online marking is almost completely measurable. The information gathered with web analytics can help you to

  •  Carry out inexpensive, ongoing market research – seeing what products or services are of most interested to your customers and which value propositions resonate with them most
  •  Understand in which areas your clients are engaging, and see how you can build on this over time
  •  Have the information to be able to continuously improve your Internet marketing activities to stay ahead of the competition and drive more business

Top class web analytics are available free, but there is effort involved in putting them in place, learning how to interpret the information and making analytics part of your business process.

Key steps to success are

  • Establish documented goals for your website and Internet marketing activities.
  • Establish a clear reporting format to track actual performance versus targets
  • Implement a scheduled review of your analytics results – the regularity of this will depend on your business requirements.
  • Ensure that reviews take place, decisions are made and implemented. The effects of any changes should be tracked to ensure performance improvement.
  • Review and update goals regularly to reflect changes in business strategy or business conditions.

A perquisite to all of this is to have someone in your organisation trained to use analytics or engage an analytics expert to help with the process. The return will be significant.

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