Choosing the best web development practices is key to increasing your online sales. Every component of your online storefront plays a role in the shopper’s experience with your business and product and can make the difference between shoppers who visit your page and shoppers who purchase from your page. Use these five tips for web development to increase online sales.

  1. Make sure that your shopping cart is easy to see. When a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, they want to be able to instantly see and verify that the product has been added. A shopping cart tab that displays the number of items in the basket and other important information, like the total price, should be visible at all times during the shopping process. This element is key to sales conversion.

    • If a customer decides to look around a bit at another item and then wants to check out and purchase an item that was previously added to the cart, they must be able to quickly and easily find the shopping cart and complete their purchase. If they can’t find it easily, they may give up and not complete the sale.

    • The shopping cart tab must be present and clearly visible. Try using contrasting colors for this tab so that it stands out from the rest of the page. This simple choice can make a big difference in conversion rates.

  1. Make your add-to-cart button clear. Some sites use buttons labeled “learn more,” or “more details,” but a direct call to action like “add to cart” typically yields better results. It is specific, direct, and helps customers to quickly and easily complete their purchase.

  2. Streamline your product pages. The first thing a customer sees should be an image of the product. Next, they should see product name, description, and the price. Product reviews and links to similar products should stay near the bottom of the page so that they don’t prevent the customer from finding the most crucial information. Customer reviews are an important element, but if they are placed improperly on the page, they can hinder the customer’s ability to quickly find the information that they are looking for and convert the sale.

  3. Make your navigation paths clear. Hidden menus on the page can be quite frustrating and annoying to shoppers, so remove hidden elements and make your navigation paths clear and simple. A fly-out menu is a nice way to keep your page clean while still providing the informational categories that your customers are interested in seeing. Even a simple feature like a “continue shopping” button after a customer adds a product to their shopping cart can make navigation easier and improve your conversion rate.

  4. Make the checkout process simple. This is a very important step in finalizing sales. You do not want to add distractions that will delay or prevent a sale from being completed. Remove unnecessary features like sidebar navigation, and control the urge to keep advertising throughout the checkout process. You will achieve the highest conversion rate through a one-page checkout process. You can improve your conversion further with a one-click purchase option. Not only will you complete sales, but customers will be drawn to the simple and easy online purchasing process and will want to purchase from you again in the future.

If your business could benefit from web development to increase online sales, call Epresence Online Marketing. We can assist you with a web development plan to improve your online presence and convert more sales.