Your website is the shop front to your business, and in this digital age, it’s vital to make a good impression and catch your customers at first glance. Dated text, poor graphics and shabby design can give visitors to your website a lasting perception of your company as one they cannot trust to provide a good quality service or do a professional job.

Professional website design sets you ahead of the competition and helps you to stand out from the crowd. At ePresence, we have the design expertise to create something truly outstanding, and the experience to know what works.


Make Your Business Stand Out Online With Professional Website Design

There are a few specific elements that are essential when you’re creating an online marketing plan for your business:

1. Your website. The website you create for your business is your online persona and it’s important to consider how you want the world to view you and your work. Presenting the right image here will be vital in getting your digital marketing plan to work for you, and professional website design can help you to create the look you want.

2. Your Google listing. Have you searched for your company name online? You should check that all results that appear in search engines are correct, and that the details and images that appear are complimentary to your organisation.

3. Your company social media profile. You should check that all details, logos and images are correct, even if your profiles are not active. Dormant accounts are often subject to profile hacking so you must ensure that you are in control of your profiles – and preferably using them to boost your web presence!

4. Your personal social media profiles. Potential clients will often research you as well as your company, so be sure that the public elements of your personal profiles present the type of image you want to portray.


Tips to Improve Your Web Presence

• Be current. Make sure your website and other web properties are kept up to date, and don’t leave old events, promotions or news in dominant positions on your site.
• Keep it fresh. Redesign, update and modernise regularly, and make sure that you do this professionally. Websites should be reviewed on a constant basis, but should have a significant redesign at least every three years.
• Be vigilant. Regularly check your site for errors, including broken links and missing images. It’s a good idea to have something in place to alert you if your site is down.
• Be consistent. Make sure your company details are consistent across all platforms listed above, and check this via Google searches.
• Check your branding. Ensure that you are using the same logos, branding and images across all platforms.


Are You Proud of Your Website?

The best way to approach your digital marketing is to look at your website and other web properties and ask yourself whether you are proud to show them to your clients. If the answer is no, it’s time for a change!

For professional website design, contact ePresence, in Cork or get in touch with us via today.