Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

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Most businesses agree that a blog is a great way to bring in traffic from outside sources – but the reasons for blogging extend far beyond Google sending them your way (though that can be a good reason too.) Here’s why every business should have a blog.

A blog encourages greater business collaboration

The most effective work environments are the most efficient ones, and the most efficient work environments are those that work collectively, in collaboration, as a team.

A blog can be a great way to get team members collaborating, contributing, feeling more involved and important to the business as a greater whole. This improves the dynamic in any business, and will increase productivity and efficiency.

Blogging improves you

Getting into the habit of blogging has numerous benefits, but perhaps one that’s less obviously talked about is the fact that it gets you into the habit of communicating on a regular basis.

This can have strong effect on how you view your own business. It can help you to more clearly articulate elements of you business and make the most of experiences that you have had. The exercise of writing these in a blog can have an effect beyond the computer – such as during presentations, team meetings and other opportunities for public expression.

It can also ensure that you remain up-to-date with the advancements in your particular industry, giving you an edge over competitors. It can be very easy to get self-centric – keeping informed allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on elsewhere.

Blogging and direct communication garners trust and confidence

Blogging can be a similar beast to that of social media: it offers a great way for you to develop a positive brand identity by providing you with a direct outlet to communicate with your customers.

If you give back and work hard to educate and inform your customers, this will generate trust, confidence, and respect for you and your business. This will eventually generate interest, and, well, you know the rest.

Blogging offers a medium for mutual communication and feedback

At its heart, blogging is all about establishing a strong connection between you and your customers, whether potential or existing. Any avenues for developing this, then, should be strongly encouraged.

When starting a business blog, be sure to enable comments from users, and try to respond to queries where possible.

This establishes brand confidence and trust, and this kind of reputation will do the work for you, by hanging onto existing customers, and bringing in new ones too.

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