For anyone who is serious about growing the online side of their business, it’s imperative that they consider Mobile Marketing. Over the past few years the growth in mobile smart phone usage has been nothing less than astronomical. Just to put this into perspective, in a recent info-graphic published by Microsoft Tag, it states that out of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world today, over one quarter (or 1.08 billion) of these are smart phones. The report goes on to say that 50% of mobile phone users readily use their devices daily in order to access the internet.

Mobile-Marketing-300x300When we carried out our own tests here at across client sites, it was found that up to 28% of visitors were accessing it via a mobile device. These figures are only set to grow and are in accordance with recent figures published by Their findings state that over the last two years (2010-2012) the mobile share of web traffic has increased by 162% with the biggest increases coming from Asia and Europe, showing growth of 192% and 183% respectively.

So this begs the question…why are more people accessing the internet via hand held devices and what are the Mobile Marketing opportunities?

The first thing to mention is the growing number of public wi-fi hotspots. These make it very convenient for people to log on to the World Wide Web when they are out and about. In addition, according to the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDDM), they state that people can now benefit considerably from much lower data charges by signing up to plans that allow fixed-rate data packages. Finally Smart phone companies are continually developing faster processing power and bigger touch screens on their models. This means that users can inevitably carry out tasks on their mobile phones far more efficiently and conveniently than they would their PC or laptop.

So when it comes to Mobile Marketing, why has it got the edge over more traditional online marketing methods? Aside from the obvious fact that more people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices, here are some other reasons that a business may want to consider mobile marketing as a serious option.

Geo-targeted advertising

One of the new exiting ways that mobile marketing can attract customers is by using geo-targeted information. Many phones have GPS services which means that your phone knows exactly where it is at any given time. Using this information, marketers can deliver laser targeted advertising pertaining to local products and services. For instance, if you’re about to walk into a department store, it can be set up so that you can receive adverts relating to special offers within that store. Or alternatively marketers can give you information on offers pertaining to your localised area.

In phone facilities

As technology gets better and better, phones are more geared up to receiving mobile marketing information. With the introduction of QR codes and bar code scanners, customers can walk into a store, scan the product into their phone and look for product reviews, best prices, and even best competitive offers in order to help them make an informed buying decision. For advertisers and consumers alike, sending and receiving media in this way is far more convenient and easier than it would be via a PC or laptop.

Consumers wallet/retailers store front

The growth of E-commerce makes it far easier now in mobile marketing to advertise products via mobile phone. With the introduction of mobile coupons offering special offers, time and location based deals and push notifications, not to mention mobile technology swipe and pay facilities, mobile devices are fast becoming the consumer’s wallet as well as the advertisers store front.

It is fair to say that mobile marketing is still in its infancy and we really are only at the tip of the iceberg. As the technology builds, so will the marketing strategies. So as a business you have to ask yourself the question…can you really afford not to employ mobile marketing strategies? Even if you only have a small business, there are marketing methods that you can use that can open your goods and services up to a whole new client base.

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