Why staying proactive during COVID-19 will keep you ahead of the competition


With unprecedented events and COVID-19 restrictions, it is a challenging time for businesses of all sizes; not just in Ireland but all over the world. You may be concerned about your business and mapping out your next steps.  It is important to look at your business during this time to see where you are spending money, see opportunities to save money and use your money more efficiently. Similar to a recession the businesses that will succeed at the end of this pandemic are the ones who have adjusted and have kept active digitally.

Unfortunately, a big mistake that some companies will make is to cease all online marketing activity. This can be the final nail in the coffin as it puts them at a disadvantage compared to their competitors who have invested their money wisely and are in a much better position to kick off again once the restrictions are lifted.

For us at ePresence, our advice is to spend your money sensibly and on the correct types of advertising such as Email Marketing, SEO, Branding and most importantly keeping in touch with your clients.



If your shop or business is currently shut due to COVID-19, then it is important to take a look at how you are advertising and whether you have chosen the correct form for the unusual period we find ourselves in. If your store is closed, there is no sense in running ads that encourage people to visit your store. This is a waste of your money and gives your customers the perception that you are insensitive to the current public restrictions.

For businesses that have completely shut down it is even more important for them to stop their advertising. For example, parks and travel businesses. Businesses such as these have no reason to run ads as people cannot avail of their services. Their ads are not effective. It is key to identify where money and time should be spent during this period to ensure you are ready to reinvest for when this pandemic is over, and the economy begins to grow again.

Rather than dwelling on the short-term loss, we advise that businesses to look at the long-term possibilities. Although right now they may not see it, there is light at the end of the tunnel so to be ready – use this time efficiently.


It’s more important than ever that you stay in touch with your customers during this time. We recommend that you should be maximising your Email Marketing. It is a very cost-efficient and effective type of marketing and can be used as a good alternative to Paid Search Marketing especially if you have cut your ad spend in light of Covid-19.

Email Marketing is a very smart way to make professional and friendly contact with customers. You can keep in touch with customers and prospects; reach out to them in this difficult time. Let them know that you care, keep them informed on what is going on in your company, highlight online shopping services or alternative shopping options, change in business hours, communicate your social distancing practices etc. Customers will appreciate this.


Here at ePresence Digital Marketing Agency in Cork, we are experienced with several email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, and we can adapt your campaigns to the platforms that suit your business best.


During difficult times like this, some businesses can make the mistake of stopping their SEO marketing as they view it as an extra cost and not essential during this time. We completely disagree with this. We encourage your business to keep up your SEO work as now is a critical time to be improving or continuing your SEO efforts. Do not lose all that you have worked towards. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is all about making sure that the right people find your business online. It helps you receive more high-quality traffic on your website.

SEO is also more effective than other traditional marketing as it acquires a better audience. It reinforces digital marketing’s ability to connect with users on their terms. You’re not trying to reach out to customers with the hope that they might click on a certain page and see your advertisement, you’re reaching the customers when they’re searching for you. This will attract a better range of customers who will already be interested in your product.

During this “down” time, we recommend that you focus on your SEO. You have a great chance of overtaking your competitors if you put the work in now. If you have never had SEO work done on your website, then this may be the perfect time to take action. Here at ePresence, we can help you with all your SEO needs.


Branding is a massive part of any business and it can be a decisive factor in whether or not customers return to your website. When people recognise your brand, they begin to trust you and become loyal to you. So, using your time during this pandemic to work on the branding of your business is very wise.

Never underestimate the power of familiarity. When a customer is shopping and see the unmistakable typography/colours/images of a brand that they know, they are more likely to pick up that product than the sea of those that surround it. Why? Because it’s eye-catching, familiar to you and you somehow feel connected.


Your social media presence is even more important than before, and you need to ensure your branding on your social media is at a consistently high level. Having a consistent logo, message, and cover photo across all social media pages is an easy step that makes your business more recognisable.

Preparing content for your social media pages and scheduling them in advance is a great way to spend your time. If you have evergreen content created in advance, then this will save you time when restrictions are over, and you will be ready to go. Why not create your content calendar and possibly use websites such as Hootsuite.com to plan and schedule your future posts? Posting regularly is a good way to keep relevant and keep customers engaged with you.

In Summary

To survive and gain an advantage, you need to use your time wisely during this time. Following the steps that we have provided will ensure you stay proactive and are ready to come out of this in a better position for success.

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