Why work with a Google Partner?


Advantages of a Google Certified Partner

We are proud to be a certified Google Partner in Ireland and pleased to use our advanced know-how to benefit our clients. All Google Partners are required to complete regular exams and sustain the high standards set by Google itself. Our digital marketing team rose to this challenge and has triumphed at every Google exam and checkpoint.

Being a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency in Cork Ireland means that we are recognised as having the highest level of expertise to assist businesses. To let our clients know that they approve, Google awards us a special ‘Google Partner’ badge that is displayed on our website.

As a Google Partner in Ireland, we use our Google Ads skills to help our client’s businesses grow. Our certified expertise and ‘partner’ status give us advantages that are passed on to our clients. Add that to our overall marketing and digital marketing expertise and you are guaranteed advertising campaigns with real results.



Benefits of Working with a Google Partner in Ireland

When it comes to investing in advertising for your business, you want to be certain that your investment is worthwhile. Certainty is one of the benefits of working with a Google Partner in Ireland, but it’s not the only benefit. Here are some of the additional benefits you will receive by working with a Google Partner.


Advertising Experts

Google Partners are Google Ads experts who have been accredited and certified by Google. This means you can rest assured that in return for your advertising investment, you will see the results you want.


Marketing Experts

By working with a digital marketing agency, like ePresence, that is also a Google Partner, you reap the added benefits. Along with our Google Ads expertise, we also understand the intricacies of marketing different business types.

By working with business brands in many different industries we have built a wealth of knowledge and understanding. That means that when we build Google Ads campaigns, we bring all of our expertise to the table. Allowing us to build even stronger and more effective campaigns for our clients.


Quality Customer Service

Not only are Google Partners experts but they are also required to maintain a high standard of customer service. This is one of Google’s stipulations for Google Partners in Ireland and one which ePresence values highly.


Access to Exclusive Updates

When an agency becomes an approved Google Partner they benefit from access to Beta tools and functions. As Google advances and improves its services, it lets Google partners use them first before they are released to the wider public. By working with a Google Partner, your business will benefit from the advantages of the latest updates before your competitors can. Giving you an extra edge and a head start that can only help.


Google’s Hands-on Assistance

One of the top benefits of working with a Google partner is that they have direct access to in-house experts at Google. Every Google Partner has a dedicated team manager within Google who can also help with problem-solving. This is something that is not available to anyone else using Google Ads.

By having direct access, your Google Partner can work closely with the Google team to ensure your advertising is optimised. Google also proactively assists Google partners by suggesting keywords and campaign tweaks to help your business.


Tailored Advertising

By fully understanding your business and customers we can tailor Google Ads campaigns to fit your exact needs. As a Google Partner in Ireland, we understand that no two businesses are the same. We believe no two advertising campaigns should be either.

We work closely with our clients to reach their target customers. Identifying customer locations, demographics, interests and spending habits. Armed with these essential details we present the customer’s product and services to the right people and at the right time.


Ads Credit

When new customers start advertising with Google, they sometimes receive an Ads Credit to boost their advertising efforts. With this credit, your Google Partner will be able to keep your campaign running longer or increase the daily budget. This credit is available to businesses working with a Google Partner agency.


Access to New Research

Google likes to reward its Google partners and their clients by sharing research and new expertise. Early access to this kind of information can mean that your Google Partner knows about new tools before anyone else. In turn, this allows them to help you plan accordingly to keep you ahead of your competitors.



What exactly is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is a digital marketing or advertising agency that has completed a set of Google Ads exams and requirements. Having completed these, they are then added to a certified registry by Google that allows them access to multiple benefits. To maintain their partner title, agencies must complete exams and also meet Google’s conditions. These conditions include:


Proven Google Ads Performance

Certified Google Partners must have a minimum score of 70% optimisation for their Ads campaigns. Proving that they can fully optimise digital advertising campaigns for their clients. To achieve such high optimisation, the Google Partner needs to have a full and in-depth understanding of all aspects of Google Ads.


Proven Ability to Manage Big Budgets

As a Google Partner in Ireland, we are required to register our in-house Ads Managers with Google. Each manager must have worked or been working with a combined budget level over 90 days. Google has currently set this at around ten thousand euros*. By setting this budgetary requirement, Google is ensuring that Google Partners can:

  • Manage and optimise multiple accounts at any one time.
  • Safely manage client budgets.
  • Manage and optimise multiple ad campaigns for one client or more.

*Please note this number relates to the combined value of all ad campaigns we are working on and is not the required budget for your Ads campaign.


Successful Certification

Google offers a range of professional accreditations to digital advertisers that allow agencies, like ePresence, to demonstrate their expertise. To become a certified Google Partner, agencies must complete at least three of these exams:

  • Ads Search
  • Ads Display
  • Ads Video
  • Shopping ads
  • Ads Apps
  • Ads Measurement

For these exams to be considered for a Google Partner application, scores must be at least 80%. As Google Partners we must also renew our certifications annually to hold on to our partner status.


What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is the name given to Google’s advertising platform which offers online advertising tools for businesses. Through this online platform, Google Partners can create targeted advertising campaigns for their clients. Each campaign can be built for a specific audience that is bespoke to each business, product and service.

Over the years Google has added to their advertising suite, recognising the usefulness their tools can have for businesses. When building an advertising campaign in Google Ads, Google Partners can select where they want the advertisement to be shown and in what format. We’ve outlined some of these formats below.


Google Ads Search

Google Ads Search are the text and link advertisements that show up at the top of a search results page. It will probably come as no surprise that there are more than 8.5 billion searches on Google every single day. Google Ads Search allows your business to tap into that massive volume of traffic to get in front of more customers.

When building your Google Ads Search campaigns, your Google Partner will use keywords specific to your business. When a web user searches for one of those keywords or a related keyword, your ad will show up in the results. How far up your ad ranks in the search results is down to relevance and campaign budget.


Google Ads Display

With Google Ads Display your campaigns are more visually appealing and not limited to showing up in search results. According to Google, Display Ads can be shown across up to two million different websites. Have you ever noticed an advertisement for an enticing-looking holiday offer on a website selling cars? This is the beauty of Google Display Ads, they reach the customer even when they are not actively searching.


Google Ads Video

Another visual option from the Google Ads toolkit. With the Google Ads Video option, your Google Partner can introduce your business in style with a well-made video. It’s a great way to show off new products and capture attention. Video Ads use customer demographics to reach the right audience for your business.


Google Shopping Ads

One of Google Ads’ newer options, Google Shopping ads are only two years old and ideal for retailers. Shopping Ads combine images and text and appear in search results and on Google syndicated sites. Each Shopping Ad has an image, product name, price and shop name.


Google Ads Measurement

Every Google Partner knows that no Ads campaign is complete without regular monitoring. The only way to be sure if an advertising campaign is working is with clear objectives and regular measuring. To ensure that an Ads campaign is working your Google Partner will agree the aims with you. This might be the rate of sales conversion over a set time or the volume of traffic to your website.


Get In Touch

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