Autoresponders offer undeniable email marketing benefits.  Many internet marketers build their entire business around them, preferring to market affiliate products and services to their email subscriber list(s) rather than build and maintain websites.

As the name suggests autoresponders can send automatic replies whenever emails are sent to one of the email addresses they are monitoring. A quick response to email queries lets the sender know their mailing has been received and will be dealt with shortly, but triggered email response is only the tip of the iceberg. Autoresponders are very versatile.


Five Autoresponder Benefits

Turn website visitors into subscribers:  Site visitors are anonymous. They come and go and may never return, but if visitors opt-in and join a mailing list it may be possible to make one or more sales to them later on.  The best thing? The fact that they have joined the subscriber list shows they are already interested in the marketer’s chosen niche or in the products or services provided. It’s targeted advertising at its best.

Build a relationship with subscribers:  When subscribers receive regular emails (regular does not been they are bombarded) it builds a relationship between marketer and subscriber. Every mailing bears the recipient’s name and the mailing will appear personal to them. Over time this can build trust and has the potential to generate sales to even the most reluctant of buyers.

Automated follow-up emails:  New subscribers receive a welcome email straight away. (This may also contain a download link for a free welcome pack.) That’s a given, but internet marketers usually set-up follow-up email campaigns that ensure new subscribers receive half a dozen or so mailings over the next two to three weeks. Again, this helps to build a relationship between marketer and subscriber and can help generate sales.

Autoresponders can turn customers into subscribers:  Like website visitors, customers can come and go and never return. When an autoresponder is used to capture their details a one-off customer can often be turned into a repeat customer.

Tracking and monitoring:  Autoresponders insert tracking codes into each mailing. This can reveal a lot, including how many emails are opened and read and which links have been clicked. This helps email marketers ascertain how responsive their lists are and which anchor text (in the links) generates the most interest. Marketers can then concentrate on the things that work and ditch the ones that don’t

Autoresponders can do all of this and much more. They help internet marketers build their lists, maintain their lists, and sell to their lists; and the best thing is, once a campaign is in place, the autoresponder does all of the work and can generate an online income while the list owner is fast asleep or busy elsewhere.