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Grow your business the smart way with our specialist PPC agency in Cork which is a Certified Google Partner.

  • PPC campaigns catered to your budget
  • A dedicated Account Manager to ensure optimal results
  • The best possible ROI

ePresence Offers You:

  • Professional PPC advertising campaigns that fit your business objectives exactly.
  • Targeted advertising services for your ideal market segments.
  • Increased marketing conversions.
  • The know-how and experience of our Google Partner and Google Ads Analytics certified status

PPC Agency Services with [ePresence]

Working with a professional PPC digital marketing agency like ePresence means you’ll receive the
best and most appropriate advertising options. It also means you can be sure you’re investing in the right places.

ePresence is a Google Partner, so you’ll be working with an agency recognised - by Google - for its PPC expertise. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the competition so that you can benefit from our advanced know-how. All the advantages we gain from being a Google Partner, we pass on to you, our clients.

Our team lives and breathes PPC ads, and is constantly upskilling to deliver even better PPC services. In fact, our dedicated team are Google AdWordsand Analytics certified.

We create and manage data-driven PPC campaigns for all types of companies across Cork and Ireland. Delivering campaigns year after year that allow them to reap immediate results. Your ePresence specialist will monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure you receive optimal results at all times.

Our team is adept at dealing with all types of businesses, big and small, across many sectors. This expertise allows us to understand how to use any type of budget for the best results. Letting us offer PPC solutions that yield the best possible return on investment for you.

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Party World

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Horner Automation

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Connect Promotions

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Aran Sweater Market

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Digital Advertising Services That [Drive] Conversions

Google Adwords

Google Ads allows advertisers to display ads in both search engine results as well as websites, videos and apps. Advertisements can be displayed in different formats, such as text only, image and responsive. Responsive ads automatically adjust in appearance, format and size to fit the many different ad spaces that Google uses.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great way to get your products in front of your audience online. With Google shopping, you can display your products at the very top of relevant search results. Our digital marketing team deploys their keyword expertise to ensure your product is shown to the right customer. When a customer selects your product from the Google Shopping display, they are taken directly to your online store.

Performance Max

Unlike Google’s other advertising tools, Performance Max is all about automation for campaigns. When creating your Performance Max campaigns, our experts will use on-brand creative assets to help Google maximise performance and conversions. This allows Google to use machine learning to understand how best your brand's assets perform across multiple channels. Within one Performance Max campaign, you could see your ads on youtube, Gmail, search and more. With ad exposure for your brand across channels, you will reach a wider audience.


When a customer visits your website but leaves without making a purchase, it’s often with the intention of returning later. Retargeting is a digital marketing method used to prompt past visitors to your website to return. As these customers navigate around the internet, they will see ads from your brand on other sites. There are different ways in which retargeting can be deployed. Not only does retargeting gently usher customers back into the purchase funnel, but it also increases brand recognition.

YouTube Advertising

More than one billion hours worth of videos are watched by 122 million people every day on YouTube. It’s no wonder then that targeted advertising on the Google owned video platform has become a popular choice for business. Youtube advertising displays as banner ads on videos, in video format and in text format. They can overlay other videos at random or appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Like most of Google’s advertising tools, YouTube advertising is a PPC model.

Display Advertising

Display Ads are a great way to promote your services and products as well as build brand awareness for your business. Available in three formats (image ads, Gmail advertising, and responsive ads), display ads are most effective when strategically executed. The ePresence digital marketing team have run successful display advertising campaigns with varying budgets and across many sectors.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As the name suggests, the aim of Conversion Rate Optimisation is to increase the number of conversions for your business. Whether these conversions are sales, leads or service bookings - Conversion Rate Optimisation identifies ways to improve the frequency and value. Conversion Rate Optimisation is a useful process for businesses that find their website isn't performing as hoped. That said, there are methods of Conversion Rate Optimisation like A/B testing that are useful to websites of any age.

PPC Audits

PPC audits are used to ensure that a company's PPC campaigns are fully optimised and continue to maintain ROI. They can be run as a quarterly check-up or when a new agency takes over a business's PPC management. During a PPC Audit, all aspects of campaigns will be reviewed. This includes the use of keywords, messaging, budget allocation, and CTAs. Ensuring that your brand’s PPC efforts are fully optimised is just one of the many expert digital marketing services provided by ePresence.


A/B Testing

Sometimes digital marketing requires strategic experimenting to ensure the best success. A/B testing is something that can be executed across most elements of digital marketing. On a website, two versions of a landing page might be created for example and the performance of each page analysed. Even something as seemingly as innocuous as a call to action (CTA) button can be A/B tested. With A/B testing we can define the ideal CTA down to the wording, button shape, colours used or page position.

Our [Clients]

Benefits of [PPC] Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a marketing channel that allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your advert. PPC takes away the guesswork that comes with more traditional forms of advertising with real-time insights and transparent pricing. With a professionally run PPC advertising campaign, you can:

  • Choose a budget that suits you
  • Select specific audiences
  • Temporarily boost your business to a higher search result position
  • Target customers by their location or demographic
  • See exactly how many people saw and interacted with your adverts
  • Choose a campaign goal

Run Campaigns When You Want

One of the most popular benefits of PPC advertising (besides the ROI) is the versatility of campaign options. For example, if your business runs a time-sensitive sale, we can time a PPC campaign for those dates. Or, if you know that your audience has a particular interest, you can target them by that specific interest.

Immediate Results

Better still, you will start seeing results from your PPC campaign immediately. Be that an overnight spike in website traffic or a rush of sign-ups and leads. You’ll see your PPC campaign at work quicker than any other advertising type.

Real Time Feedback

PPC campaigns can also be adjusted as they are running. Our digital marketing team monitors each campaign carefully. If they notice that one area of a campaign is getting more engagement, they’ll refine the campaign for even better results.

Creates Important Data

Within the results of your PPC advertising campaign, we will also be able to harvest a good deal of data. This will include insights into how each keyword performed. Something that can feed into your content marketing and SEO campaigns. We'll also be able to identify opportunities such as interest from a demographic you hadn't considered previously.

Works For Numerous Goals

The versatility of PPC advertising campaigns allows them to be used for many different business goals including:

  • Generate leads
  • Boost traffic to your website
  • Grow awareness of your brand
  • Run competitions
  • Newsletter sign ups

PPC advertising can be used as a standalone tool or as part of a cross-platform marketing campaign. At ePresence, we’d be more than happy to talk you through the options and answer any questions you might have.

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Frequently [Asked] Questions

PPC advertising refers to ‘Pay Per Click’ a form of advertising used in digital marketing campaigns. PPC advertising allows businesses to promote products and services in a targeted and efficient manner.

Unlike creating content to boost your SEO organically, PPC allows you to ‘buy’ website traffic. You can use PPC advertising for advertising on search engines, social media and other third party websites.

The cost of PPC advertising is dependent on the number of times people click on your ad. You are only charged when the ad is clicked on.

The most popular PPC tool currently available is Google Ads. This particular tool is popular for its proven ability to deliver more clicks and conversions than many other advertising tools.

PPC Ad Spend refers to how much you decide to spend on a campaign. Ad spend is set as a monthly budget and reviewed based on your goals.
PPC Management Cost refers to the rate you pay someone to manage your PPC campaigns. The rate typically includes:
  • A PPC advertising strategy.
  • Budget management to ensure that your ad spend is being maximised.

You decide the cost of a PPC ad campaign with your digital marketing team’s guidance. We will design a PPC strategy based on your budget, goals and target audience. This budget can be increased and decreased at any time—a valuable benefit for seasonal businesses.

We recommend that for local campaigns a spend of at least €250 (excl. vat) per month. For national and international campaigns, we recommend spending more. Our digital experts can advise you on the level of ad spend needed to achieve your marketing goals.

PPC ads offer businesses several advantages, the main one being flexibility. Other advantages include:

  • PPC campaigns have a custom budget that can be set and changed at any time.
  • You can target people searching for relevant keywords to your business.
  • You can target specific audiences based on location, age, gender & interests.
  • PPC supports other activities such as SEO.
  • PPC can be tailored to achieve different goals, from brand awareness to driving sales online or traffic to a physical store.

More Sales, More Leads, More Customers [Grow Your Business]
the Smart Way

No matter what industry you’re in or who your target customer is, your business can benefit from digital advertising. We will create custom campaigns that target your ideal customers, using the latest tools and techniques to maximise your advertising budget.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Work with the ePresence digital advertising team for better results that drive business growth. Take the first step – Contact us today to learn more about our PPC digital advertising services.

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