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  • Custom store design to attract new customers.
  • Advanced sales systems.
  • Optimised for shopping on smartphones.
  • A website designed to Attract visitors and Convert these visitors into paying customers.

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[Online Stores] From ePresence -
eCommerce Solutions For Your Brand

Year after year online sales are increasing across all sectors, rapidly replacing traditional shopping habits. With Irish consumers now spending more online than the average global spend* – there has never been a better time to sell online. Get a professional eCommerce website developed by the experts.

Everything You Need For A Successful [eCommerce Website]

Store functionality with intuitive navigation, clear content, and easy and quick access to information.

Professional store layout with clear graphics, professional photos, flat design and consistent on-brand colours.

Responsive design that adapts to mobile devices effortlessly.

A functional and easy-to-use website content management system such as WordPress with Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or PrestaShop.

SEO optimisation to prepare your eCommerce website for the best positioning on Google's search results.

Built-in secure payment and delivery integration, product search and client account functions.

What Factors Contribute To A Successful [eCommerce Website]

The competition for Online Customers is extremely fierce in the eCommerce Industry. Your eCommerce Website needs to be able to Attract the right people at the right time and Convert these people into paying customers. Learn more about what we can do for you with our Top 22 Tips to Effective eCommerce article.

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The ePresence [eCommerce] Web Design And Development Process


Market and needs analysis

The first stage of developing your online store is the most important for the success of the entire project.

In order for the online store to meet your expectations, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and expectations. At this stage, we will learn everything about your business intentions and the goals of your online store.

From this analysis, we will gather the technical and functional specifications on which to provide your estimate. Each estimate includes the expected time frame and the price of creating the store.


Functional mockup

Next, our team will create a professional functional model of your store. A prototype that reflects the structure of the website. The functional mockup is created using special software that allows you to conveniently enter your feedback. This stage is used to identify any changes required for the appearance or functionality of your online store.


Creating the eCommerce design

The final mockup model is used to create a modern design for your online store. When designing the layout of the homepage and subpages of the website we are guided by the principles of User Experience (UX). Putting the customer first.

When complete, we will present you with our proposed design which will become the basis for the finished online store. It is the design of an online store that makes the first impression on a potential buyer. Therefore, it is important that the design meets all standards and requirements related to the user’s experience.


Professional eCommerce web development

With the store design decided, the architecture of the store is developed and implemented. The backend of an online store is in some ways the engine that powers and steers the site.

Our Front-end Developers will deal with the visual side of the website, adding images, animations and any graphic elements. The quality of the website operation depends on this process, which is why we attach great importance to it. Ensuring that everything is taken care of down to the last detail.


Preparation of information pages for clients

With the store system now at your disposal, it is time to spend some time preparing information pages for customers. Your site will need to include information about your company, delivery options, accepted methods of payment, returns and complaints. An e-commerce site must also include information regarding the rights of customers buying online.

Including these details will help to inspire trust in the eyes of your customers. The more thorough and transparent this information is, the more trustworthy a site seems.


Introducing your products

How your products are presented can be a key selling point. Product descriptions are an opportunity to stand out from competitors. The best e-commerce sites use product descriptions to outline the benefits for customers. An approach that increases sales and builds trust in the company and the store.

Visuals are the other key selling point. Products with professional photos, videos or other forms of presentation always sell better.


Content implementation and SEO optimisation

An extremely important stage of store development is appropriate quality content. Content should have substantive value and above all uniqueness. This is important for both the customers and for search engines.

At ePresence, we combine all the required skills of our team to provide a full eCommerce site service. Not only do we design and develop, but we also create unique content that perfectly reflects the nature of your brand. All of our content is fully optimised for SEO. Having skilled content creators onboard means your online store will have a much greater chance of appearing high in search results.


Testing the online store

When everything is ready, we start testing the initial version of the website. We check all content and verify all data.

At this stage, you can also make any additional suggestions which will contribute to the final version of the store. We also perform tests in terms of the speed of the online store and the overall fulfilment of the goals. Our team specialists remain on standby to iron out any wrinkles ahead of the launch of your store.


Launching your online store

After any necessary final corrections, your online store will be launched. From that moment on, your customers will be able to enjoy and shop on your website.

You can track results on an ongoing basis and decide on any changes that you think could be beneficial. The first days of your online store's operation allow you to obtain data for specific analysis. Helping you to understand the preferences of your customers for future planning.


After-sales service and online store development

Of course, the launch of the online store does not end our collaboration with your company. We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, which ensures the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the website. This also allows us to eliminate any potential emerging problems.

Our website team will manage the operation of your website on an ongoing basis. Meaning you can rest assured that its efficiency is tested at every stage. We also help introduce any required changes related to the development of the store and the introduction of new functionalities.


Marketing service

Our in-house digital marketing team will also assist with the proper positioning of your online store. We know how important this is to the success of any online venture.

We will carry out all activities related to SEO and provide efficient promotion and support for your digital marketing activities. With our help, you can achieve your intended results and attract even more customers, translating directly into increased sales results.

[eCommerce] with ePresence

When we develop a professional eCommerce website, our primary focus is the comfort and ease with which your customer can shop. We pay particular attention to designing the purchasing process, which, we believe, must always be as transparent and intuitive as possible. Meaning that every customer can make a purchase quickly and without any complications.

Responsive online store design is also an essential part of our e-commerce solutions.
Especially since mobile commerce (buying online from a handheld device) accounts for
nearly half of Ireland’s eCommerce market*.

The layout of your e-commerce store will be consistent with your company brand. Helping
your customers recognise your brand as the one they trust.

If you are interested in developing a new ECommerce website for your business then you may be interested in the Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme where you can get a grant of €25,000. Closing date May 3rd 2023. 

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eCommerce Frequently [Asked] Questions

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application that allows the website manager to securely edit the website. This allows password-secured access to the editing function of images, text, code and all working parts of a site. The website manager can give colleagues full or restricted access.
Creating an online store can take weeks or months depending on the specific goals and needs of the business.

The best platform choice for your eCommerce site depends on your business needs. We work with WordPress, Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce and more to build the websites our clients want and need. 

Our digital experts will advise on the best option for your business factoring in the scale, cost and functional requirements unique to your business.

Yes, we work with all sorts of businesses from small local suppliers to large retailers and everyone in between.

Yes, we do. At ePresence, we use a combination of different marketing methods to help drive traffic to your eCommerce website and increase sales.

When it comes to eCommerce, we are firm believers in what gets measured is what matters and what matters gets measured.

Our expert team will provide you with a monthly marketing report factoring in your costs to show you the return on investment you are making from your marketing campaigns.

If you have any further questions about PPC advertising, content marketing, SEO, Email marketing, website development or social media advertising, contact an ePresence team member today.

Yes, at ePresence we pride ourselves on our after-sales service. Providing this service as standard means that your online store will always run smoothly.

More Sales, More Leads, More CustomersGet [Better ROI] & Conversion Rates

We want to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Get in touch with ePresence Digital Marketing and use our eCommerce expertise to your advantage. We have years of experience in eCommerce development, including building custom online stores that drive sales and increase revenue.

Our approach is customised to your business needs, ensuring that you get a unique and effective e-commerce solution that meets your goals. Take the first step – Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the competitive world of eCommerce.

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