Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Your website is the centre of your online presence. It is often the first direct interaction that prospects will have with your business – and first impressions count.

Your business needs an attractive, professional website that not only reflects your business, branding and ethos but also supports your digital goals and business growth.

We are an award-winning digital marketing agency providing professional web design and web development services to businesses. We combine innovative strategic thinking with creative design to build successful websites that deliver real results.

Website Design


When designing an effective website, it is necessary to balance design, functionality and security to deliver a strong return on investment.

Design needs to reflect your organisation brand and tone. It needs to convey information about your business, but more importantly lead the website visitor through to a successful conversion – whether this is an online purchase, lead submission or some other business goal.

Your website structure also needs to facilitate effective online marketing – from Google Search Engine Optimisation to clear landing pages. It is also important to have flexibility to easily grow/develop your online presence over time.

Website hosting, support and online security are complex topics that can be cause the most attractive site to fail to deliver. Matching the appropriate solutions to your site ensures that your site performs to its potential.


We are a team of experienced designers and developers, with exceptional design skills and a focus on the user-experience and customer journey. We design and develop websites that work across all devices and we specialise in sites that look great and work smoothly, creating an excellent experience for users and working well with search engines.

Web Design & Development FAQ’s

This is dependent on the complexity of the site you want and need. Typically a website design will take a minimum of two months.

Of course, we are a little biased here, but there are many reasons why we don’t advise these self build options. They include:

  • They can take your site down at any time and for any reason. You are never in full control.
  • You have limited design customisation. Once your site is built, you can’t change your theme or functionality. It may also be difficult if not impossible, to customise your theme exactly as you would like.
  • Search engine optimisation. Not all designs are SEO-friendly. Getting ranked in a search engine like Google can take months of time and effort. Make sure your website is compatible with your SEO efforts to avoid your hard work being wasted.
  • Your site is not portable. You are building your site with the proprietary technology of a third party website. Technology that only works on their system.

You’ll have to rebuild your entire website from scratch, if:

    • You outgrow their capabilities.
    • You decide you want to move your site to a different web hosting provider.
    • You want a more SEO friendly site.
  • You’re pretty much on your own. If you’re not a techie person and don’t have the time or desire to figure it all out, there is no backup. You are better off hiring a professional that knows what they’re doing.
  • the number of pages of your site
  • the complexity of the site
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • design requirements
  • copywriting and photography

Technology advancement is changing quite rapidly, but the technology on your website should last into the future. We recommend a refresh every 3-4 years to stay up to date.

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We at Connect Promotions specialise in the supply of a wide range of branded promotional products and have worked with John Brennan and ePresence to establish and advance our online presence. Since teaming up with John over a year ago we have been very pleased with both the results achieved and the supportive working relationship we have in place. I am happy to recommend John Brennan and ePresence to any business looking to pursue a professional online presence.
Trabolgan Holiday Village have been working with ePresence on various marketing campaigns over the last few months.  During this time their team in particular Gillian have been a fantastic help and support.  They have clearly understood our goals and are focused on achieving the best  results from each campaign that we have run and plan to run in the future.  They have advised, helped and guided us to ensure that all our campaigns have been a great success.
Excelsys Technologies is a fast growing power electronics company based in Cork. Working with John and the team at ePresence, we have greatly improved our website content and google ranking, resulting in greater relevant traffic to our website. The deveolopment of our e-commerce capability by ePresence was professionally managed and executed and the continuous Follow up service has been excellent.

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Don’t risk getting it wrong when you are creating your shop window online – your website matters! Get the maximum return on your website investment and benefit from the expertise and experience of our professional team.

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Don’t risk getting it wrong when you are creating your shop window online – your website matters! Get the maximum return on your website investment and benefit from the expertise and experience of our professional team.