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With web analytics, you’ll gain insights that will transform your digital marketing efforts. Empower your business with crucial knowledge about how your customers behave online. Build informed marketing plans and invest strategically to achieve your business goals.

At ePresence, Our Web Analytics Team Will:

  • Take the time to understand your business and marketing goals.
  • Establish systems that will effectively measure your marketing performance.
  • Provide reports based on real customer insights.
  • Implement tools that reliably track campaigns.
  • Complete ongoing data reviews.
  • Generate actionable insights.
  • Monitor relevant industry and competitor activity.

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[ePresence] Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics are the secret sauce for improving digital marketing performance.
We’ll ensure you have the right tools and processes to put you on the right track for better marketing results.

Managing Data

Managing the data that comes from web analytics is a matter of balance and precision. Some businesses find that they either don’t have enough data or they have too much data. A lack of data comes from not having the right measurement tools and systems in place. Too much data can be caused by not having the necessary skill sets within your team to take only what’s needed. Without the necessary tools and know-how, turning data into valuable insights is near impossible.

What Web Analytics Tells Us

Web Analytics provides a wealth of information about marketing performance, customer behaviour and even broader industry trends and changes. We use web analytics to get a clearer insight into who your customers are. We’ll be able to understand their interests and how they interact with you online. Web analytics can also help identify and address conversion challenges. Helping improve the user experience and increase sales and conversions.

Effectively Using Web Analytics

To effectively use web analytics, there are a number of key steps:

  1. Understanding what needs to be measured and why.
  2. Setting up mechanisms to reliably measure your KPIs.
  3. Setting up internal processes to review, interpret and gather helpful insights.
  4. Implement data-informed changes and improvements.

Our ePresence analytics experts can manage and analyse your data to inform future marketing and business decisions. They will also make relevant changes to your strategies that will save you money and time.

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The [ePresence ] Web Analytics Process



We offer a no-obligation web analytics consultation with one of our account managers. Book today to tell us about your specific requirements and learn more about what ePresence can do for your business.



We will review your current analytics setup to understand what data you are currently collecting and what tracking is active. We will also get a clearer understanding of your KPIs, agree on measurement methods and set appropriate targets.


Web Analytics Setup

Next, we will set up or adjust your analytics tools to provide the data that you need. This might include analytics setup, conversion tracking or implementation of other tools to monitor customer behaviour. Analytics data can be collected from multiple sources such as Google, social media, campaign management tools and other third-party sources. We'll ensure that your brand collects data from all the relevant sources for successful analysis.


Data Collection and Analysis

Once set up, the analytics process will gather ongoing performance data. This provides valuable insights that can assist your business at multiple levels. From day-to-day operations to strategic planning, with better insights, every part of your business will be better informed.

Key areas of insight include:

  • Understanding Customer Behaviour
    Insights from analytics give a clearer understanding of customer behaviours and attributes.
    Web Analytics can give you a better understanding of:
    • your online visitor demographics
    • what customers are looking for online
    • how they navigate to your online presence
    • how this trends and changes over time.
  • Understanding Customer Experience
    Web Analytics can offer a clear understanding of your customer's online interactions.
    Showing you information about how customers experience your website, such as:
    • the pages they see
    • the paths they take
    • where they arrive on your site
    • where they leave from
    • how long they stay on your site
    • what obstacles they find along the way
  • Understanding Digital Channel Effectiveness
    A clear understanding of which digital marketing activities are working, and which are not, makes for better investment. Today, more than ever before, there is a myriad of ways that people can explore and engage with your brand. Be it through Google, Facebook, TikTok or the many other online and offline channels and platforms.
    Web Analytics allows you to recognise, not just which channels are bringing visitors, but also the relative quality of these users. In turn, this allows you to apply your marketing investment to the areas that will give you the greatest return.


Performance Review Process

Data collection is only of value if that data is used. Our expert team establishes management review processes which include regular performance updates along with insights and recommendations.

We recommend that this be integrated with your management processes to allow for prompt data-driven decision-making and actions. With a smooth integrated process, performance can constantly be improved.

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Frequently [Asked] Questions

Like any other aspect of your business, understanding how your website and marketing are performing helps decision-making and growth.

Web analytics will help you understand whether or not you are getting a return on your
marketing investment. Using analytics properly will allow you to see which marketing
activities are bringing a return and which are not. The data that you get from analytics will help you to fine-tune your marketing activities to continuously improve results.

It is very likely that you do. All hosting servers will have some level of statistics that are gathered from website activity. However, this data tends to be very technical and not that easy to access and understand. A high percentage of websites will also have Google Analytics installed. However, we find that many businesses don’t have access to their own analytics or just don’t use them.

Having analytics installed on your website is important, but really only of value if it is being used.

Yes. To add Google Analytics to your website, you simply create an account on Google Analytics. You get a small piece of code that needs to be added to each page on the website. Most modern websites will have settings where the code can be placed.

It should be noted that adding analytics to the site is only the first step in the process. Once it is added, it is important to ensure that you are clear on what you want to measure. It might require setting up Goals or Event measurements in analytics to properly track the activities you want insights from.

Adding analytics code to the website should be a task that your web developer can assist with. If your existing web supplier is not available, the ePresence team can set it up for you (Web Analytics standard installation fee is €150+VAT). If there are further, specific, requirements around Goal Setup or Dashboard creation, a quote can be provided.

In most cases, analytics setup is done as part of the setup of a Digital Marketing Campaign.

The basics are relatively simple. The biggest challenge that some people have is that there is a lot of data capture, which can be overwhelming.

We recommend getting clear on which metrics are most important to you, and then getting familiar with Analytics basics. Once you know that, it is very easy to pull that information regularly. As you get more familiar with it, you can begin to dig deeper.

The ePresence teams are subject matter experts. A reputation we have built over many years by supporting Irish businesses with their digital marketing needs. We recognise the importance of value and transparency, and always work to deliver a high return on investment.

Our team is hand-picked to ensure we have experts available to work on our client projects. Their ability and knowledge are second to none, which is why so many businesses have partnered with us for years. These long-term client relationships are important to us as we enjoy helping our clients grow and grow.

Lastly, we treat our clients’ businesses as our own – with integrity, and proactive, impactful expertise.

More Sales, More Leads, More CustomersMake Better Marketing [Decisions]

If you’re a business in Ireland looking to take your online presence to the next level, we’re here to help. Our cutting-edge web analytics tools and comprehensive understanding can provide you with valuable insights. Insights that will help you make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

From traffic analysis to conversion tracking, we have everything you need to succeed in today’s digital landscape. Take the first step – Contact us today and see the difference ePresence can make for your business.

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