Building a Content Marketing Strategy That Grows Your SEO and Your Business

When we talk about good and relevant content we’re are not necessarily talking about blocks of text​. Good quality content is just not a case of more content is better. It’s a case of answering the question “is the page giving the users what they want/need to make a purchasing decision? If no then something needs to change within your content.

What do you need a monthly Content Marketing Strategy

  • Your company will appear as a thought leader in your industry to those that access your content.
  • Google will index your site more often.
  • More traffic and increased page views on your site.
  • Gives people more reasons to link to you and share your content.

Google has placed utmost importance on fresh “evergreen” content. By adding content to your site, you’re telling Google that you’re site is “alive,” and it will be more likely to show your company in search results.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

For example, a blog for a doctor might answer the question, “What is the healing time for a broken ankle?” This article will always be relevant; hence it will be ‘evergreen’ because the answer will never change. With ePresence Evergreen Content, we aim to answer questions that people are searching for.

Evergreen Content is not:

  • News articles
  • Stats that will go out of date
  • Articles that are focused on a trend or pop culture fad
  • Latest clothing and fashion trends

Content Marketing Services


The creation of rich blog posts with genuine helpful information geared to improve your SEO


Creation of fun and engaging videos showcasing your brand values and benefits to your potential customers


Development and design of cool infographics that customers want to share and comment on


Whether you need content for your blog, brochure or landing pages our stylish content writers are all ardent bloggers, with more degrees than an Egyptian summer.

View Our Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up for blogging services, will I see an increase in leads right away?

While blogging does strengthen your SEO and increase your leads, it takes time to start showing major results. One of our biggest suggestions to increase your leads immediately is to pair our content marketing services with our social services. That way we can promote your content from the moment it’s created to generate faster results!

Wouldn’t it be better if I just wrote the blogs myself?

While it’s always nice to add your own personal expertise to your blog, the benefits that come along with hiring a content marketing team to create write your posts are nearly endless. Our team of professional writers will tailor their writing to the tone you want to convey, while ensuring all content written is fully search engine optimized. And we’re able to create off-page content that generates much needed quality backlinks!

How much new content will I get every month?

This depends on your needs and what you’re looking to accomplish with your website. From just a few on-page blogs a month to several on-page and off-pages every week, we will create content based on your online goals.

Can I suggest topics I want to see on my blog?

Of course! While we employ an evergreen strategy for all blogs, we’re always happy to incorporate your ideas. You know your business and your customers best, so we’re always happy to write content that shares your expertise with the world

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