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Email Marketing ServicesA [Direct Line] To Your Customers

Increase sales by connecting with the right customers at the right time.

Professional Email Marketing Transforms Brand – Customer Relationships.

You will:

  • Reach an audience that wants to hear from you.
  • Tell your brand story and connect with your contacts on a personal level.
  • Be surprised at the return on investment email marketing gives you.

ePresence will:

  • Create professional email campaigns that fit your business objectives perfectly.
  • Help you identify your ideal market segments.
  • Convert emails to sales for your business.

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[Email Marketing] from ePresence

Our email marketing services are focussed on delivering leads, sales and maximising revenue for your business. We have the skills and experience to create strategic email marketing that looks great, sounds great, and converts!

With ePresence, your marketing message will be on point and professional.

If you want email marketing that’s stress-free, effective, and loved by your customers, we’re the people who can help.


[Email Marketing Services] that drive conversions

Fully Managed Email Campaigns

We’ll take it from here! Our email marketing pros will take care of every aspect of your email campaigns so you don’t have to. From managing your mailing lists and email design to creating catchy content and campaign strategies - we do it all.

List Database Growth

The most important thing about a database is that it has the right contacts on it. We’ll work with you to fully understand your customers so that we can grow your database effectively. Helping you grow your database means helping you reach more customers and make more sales.

Email Automation

Email automation means being able to engage with your customers effortlessly. We can set up emails that automatically welcome your new subscribers, send updates, or even wish your customers a happy birthday.

Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Once your email campaigns go out, our teams will monitor how well they do. By analysing your campaigns we’re able to understand even more about your customers and their preferences. Everything we learn will then feed back into your strategy for even more conversions. After every campaign, we’ll send you a monthly report so you know just how well your campaigns are performing.

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Benefits of [Email Marketing]

The beauty of email marketing (aside from the fact that customers love email!) is that it can be measured. There is no guesswork, no wondering ‘did they see it?’. We can see if a customer reads your email, as well as when, where and how many times they read it. Better still, we can also tell you what actions they took from your email. Like if they shared it or if they clicked through to your website.

Email marketing is effective because we have endless insights at our fingertips and because email is something we all use daily. In fact, studies have found that 99% of us check our email every day. The same studies also found that email is the most preferred way to receive brand updates.

The benefits of email marketing don’t stop there, more benefits include:

It’s a direct line to your customers.

Email marketing, done well, can make your customer feel like you are only talking to them. Making them feel valued and more likely to respond and engage. This is because with email you Do speak directly to each customer. Having a database of customers means that you have a direct line to your customers and less competition for their attention. It’s a conversation between them and you that your competitors can not interrupt. When a customer asks to be emailed by your brand, it is because your brand is the one they want.

We can personalise emails depending on your customers' preferences.

We want your customers to feel like you understand their needs and value their custom. Personalising emails does just that. Not only can we personalise by name or individual details, like location and interest, but also by shopping preference. By understanding your customers, we can segment mailing lists to ensure they only get the updates they want. By personalising automated emails, we can also prompt customers to continue online purchases they don’t complete or offer relevant information.

Email can help improve sales.

Email marketing is a versatile tool that can be used to inform customers, entertain them and sell to them. When your customers opt-in to receive email updates from your brand, it’s because they are already interested in your product. It’s no surprise then that statistics show that more than 50% of consumers buy from brand emails at least monthly. Even more than that use emails from their preferred brands to influence their buying decisions too. Email makes buying even more convenient for your customers. With strategically selected content, you are making the decision process easier for them by putting the products at their fingertips. Better still, because yours is a brand they trust they are more likely to proceed with an online purchase quicker.

Email campaigns can be sent at strategic times.

One of our favourite things about email marketing is that we can reach the right customers at the perfect moment. This can be as simple as sending out an email campaign at a time when we know customers read emails. Even making sure that customers in different time zones receive your emails at opportune times. It also means that we can time emails for key times and dates. For example, scheduling emails to coincide with your new product launch or special offer. Email marketing also allows us to be reactive and turn around campaigns quickly when needed. So, you can react quickly to topical issues that are relevant to your brand and your customers. Getting to them ahead of your competitors and into the right email inboxes at the right time.

Your website traffic will increase

There's an added bonus to using email marketing to reach your customers - it will send more traffic to your website. But why is this important? Well, more traffic to your website means more engagement with your web content which is something that search engines value. Simply put, by encouraging your existing customers to visit your website, you are increasing the chances of reaching new customers. There's another reason too. Customers who visit and spend more time on your website are more likely to convert. Email is also a great way to let your customers know about website updates. So, when you add a new product, blog post or podcast, you can make sure they know straight away. Adding value to their experience with your brand and always staying top of mind.

Email offers you a high return on investment

Email marketing makes professional marketing accessible to more businesses of varying budgets. Compared to TV ads that require big production teams or costly print campaigns, email is more cost-effective. For a start, the investment needed is much smaller than traditional marketing methods. There are also fewer people involved, generally just you and your email marketing experts (that’s us). The reasonable value of email marketing means that it can be used profitably on a regular basis too. So, you can run regular and consistent email campaigns for a fraction of the cost of a TV ad for example. Finally, email marketing is estimated to have an average return of €41 for every 98c invested. Not a bad use of a marketing budget by anyone’s standards!

It’s all about you and your customers

Where email marketing differs from other platforms is that it is accepted that you will be self-promoting nearly all of the time. This differs from social media platforms, for example, where your customers expect to see less sales talk and more helpful content. Customers who sign up to hear from you are asking for more details about what you do. Opening up the conversation and giving you room to encourage them to buy. Email lets you talk about your products, brand and services. It also allows you to sell in a way that's helpful to your customer by combining helpful updates with sale prompts. There are so many different ways to structure a marketing email that there are approaches that suit every brand. So, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of blatant self-promotion, we can help you find a more subtle approach. Or, if you want to go all out with ‘sales, sales, sales!', we can make that work too.

You’re in control

The importance of a marketing mailing list can not be understated for businesses and brands. When you create and build a list of customers who want to be contacted by you, you own that list. Only you and the customer can decide if you can contact them. The importance of this can be demonstrated with two simple questions: 1. Aside from a mailing list, where else do you have a list of direct contacts for marketing? 2. Do you control that list and how it is used? Chances are that the first thing that sprung to mind was social media. maybe you have tens of thousands of followers, even millions. But, do you own them? The answer is no. Each social media platform owns the contacts and even your content once it’s shared on the site. There’s also a question of effectiveness. How sure are you that the right people are getting the right content at the right time? With email marketing to an engaged customer database, you control these important details and leave less need for guesswork.

A Note About [Email Marketing Software]

At ePresence, we have experience in using a range of email marketing software solutions; from Constant Contact to Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, SendInBlue and more.

We often say the best email marketing software is the one that works for your business.  We can chat with you to understand what your priorities are and can help you choose a platform that works best for you and your business goals.

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Frequently [Asked] Questions

Email Marketing is a method of using email to deliver tailored content directly to customers’ inboxes on a consistent basis.

It’s a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged between purchases.

No. Email marketing is different from spamming because the prospect (your customer) has to opt-in and request the email newsletter.

Email Marketing is permission-based; it can have a high return on investment. Most studies put the figure at around 40 to 1 or 4000% ROI.

Absolutely! That’s why so many companies use it from large multinationals to small boutiques. The critical ingredients of email marketing that works are:

  • Quality Content
  • A Clean Mailing List
  • Consistent Regularity

Software costs vary from provider to provider. Most email marketing software uses a tiered payment based on the number of contacts on your mailing list. The more expensive the tier, the more additional functionality offered, such as analytics and list management.

Email marketing software does not create content. This should be factored into your budget if you don’t plan to write email content yourself.

More Sales, More Leads, More CustomersGet Engaging Email Marketing [That Sells]

Connect better with your customers and drive more conversions using email. Our ePresence email marketers are experts at creating email campaigns that convert into sales and engagement.

From designing eye-catching templates to crafting compelling copy that resonates with your audience, we’ll build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Our history of successful campaigns speaks for itself – we consistently deliver results that elevate businesses to new heights. Trust ePresence to help you achieve your goals and experience measurable growth. Take the first step – Contact us today to learn more about our email marketing services.

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