Effective Ecommerce – Retarget to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

effective ecommerce

Studies show that 97% of visitors to Ecommerce websites DO NOT make a purchase on their first visit, yet more than 70% of these non-purchasers place an item in a shopping basket before leaving the website. Retargeting campaigns are all about re-connecting with those potential buyers and encouraging them to become customers (conversions) in the future.

When you’re planning an effective ecommerce advertising campaign it can be much more effective to focus your marketing towards people you know are interested in your products or services. If a visitor to your site has liked a product enough to put it in their shopping cart, they are, by definition, a potential audience for your retargeting campaign.

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How to Run an Effective Ecommerce Retargeting Campaign

1.    Find your audience. Using specific retargeting strategies, you can isolate all the visitors to your website who have placed products in their shopping carts. The next step is to remove those within this group who finished their purchase. You will be left with a group who are interested in your products but have not committed to your brand.

2.    Experiment with targeted advertising. You can create specialised advertising that relates directly to the products your audience have shown interest in, and you can compare this with your more generalised ads. Personalised, targeted advertising can be very effective in reminding people of the products they have previously viewed.

3.    Explore your options. If you overuse the retargeting principle, you risk consumers realising this strategy and deliberately abandoning their shopping carts. Having a decisive policy to retarget these groups for a certain period of time, which can depend on the type of product you are marketing, can be a good way to eliminate those who will never convert and target those who will at the right time.

4.    Try special offers. Promotions such as discounts on products or on delivery costs can be very enticing to prospective customers – after all, who doesn’t love a bargain? Free shipping is a very popular incentive to purchase, and a discount offer that applies to the specific products viewed can be very persuasive.

5.    Use analytics. There are some very intelligent tools available to make the most of your online marketing potential, and using an external tool to analyse the way in which your campaigns are working can be a very effective way to optimise their impact. For example, analytics can tell you how long people tend to take to make purchasing decisions, which can be very useful information when you are trying to target your advertising at the optimum time.


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