When you’re looking to expand your business or increase your revenue, you’ll probably be considering how you can develop your marketing in the most effective ways. If you’re new to online marketing or ecommerce, or you’re seeing drops in your figures, it’s well worth exploring how you can use specific online tools to make this process easier and more efficient.

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool for online businesses, perfect for exploring the behaviour of visitors to your website and giving you a clear idea of the direction to take when you want to improve traffic and, ultimately, purchasing rates. Here’s our quick rundown on what Google Analytics can do for you.


Custom reports.

Analysing user purchasing behaviour gives a good indication of what your potential customers are looking for, and custom reports allow you to see what users search for on Google and what they end up buying. You can look for patterns and identify useful keywords, which will allow you to redirect your marketing to maximise purchase opportunities.

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Site search.

It’s vital to know how your buyers are finding you, and whether visitors are finding what they came for on your website. Comparing the PPC ad that brought a visitor to your site with the product they leave with can tell you whether your campaigns are effective or whether you’d be better off focusing your marketing on another product or service.


Time Lag

It’s interesting to see the length of time consumers take to make a purchase – and this knowledge can inform your campaign planning. If you have, for example, a large percentage of visitors who take more than a month to reach their final purchasing decision (analysing the time it takes between viewing products and purchasing), you may wish to email these users with a free delivery offer or discount coupon to encourage them to commit to your brand.

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Custom Segments

There are so many options in terms of custom segments. Cart abandoners – this is just one of many custom segments which may be useful to you, depending on your specific business profile. Explore the precise online behaviour of your potential customers and you’ll discover how you can make the most of your marketing efforts. You can also check out repeat buyer patterns and see how customers/visitors interact with your site using custom segments.

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