Complimentary Email Marketing Seminar

email marketing seminar

We would like to invite you to attend our upcoming Complimentary 1 Hour Breakfast Seminar on ‘Growing your business with Email Marketing’. This early morning event will include an informative presentation on the positive impact that Email Marketing can have on your business. Attendees will learn how to improve their digital footprint and gain a […]

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How Email Segmentation Sustains Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Satisfaction Support Strategy Service Concept

Research shows that segmented email campaigns possess a 14.25% higher open rate compared to non-segmented campaigns. Targeted messages grab people’s attention. And SaaS teams must direct that attention to converting buyers into loyal customers. “While enticing new customers is important, no marketing channel can boost loyalty the way that email can. Since people typically sign […]

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Providing Value to Mailing List Subscribers

A responsive mailing list can be a powerful internet marketing asset, but it is important to remember internet marketing is a two way street. From the list owner’s point of view the list exists for a specific reason and in most cases the list’s entire raison d’être is to generate sales. Different motivations will no doubt […]

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Autoresponder Benefits

Autoresponders offer undeniable email marketing benefits.  Many internet marketers build their entire business around them, preferring to market affiliate products and services to their email subscriber list(s) rather than build and maintain websites. As the name suggests autoresponders can send automatic replies whenever emails are sent to one of the email addresses they are monitoring. […]

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