Your landing pages are essential to your digital marketing, because your website is your primary interface with your customers and potential buyers. Landing pages are simply the pages where your users ‘land’ when they click through from your emails or advertising, and are a means of collecting the contact information, and sometimes other data, from visitors. They may be specific to products, services or ad campaigns, or they may be the main pages of your website.

Here at ePresence, we know how important it is to get your landing pages right. The way you present your business to users can engage their interest further and lead to a conversion/sale, or put them off entirely and lose you a promising lead. If someone is interested enough to click through, it’s vital to put in the effort and get your landing pages right in order to secure their commitment to you and your brand. Here’s how:


Our 5 Top Tips For Creating Successful Landing Pages:

1. Focus on your headings. The title of your landing page will usually be the most prominent text on the page, and will need to grab – and keep – the attention of your readers. Headlines that work will let readers know immediately what you are offering, and what this offer can do for them. Make use of subheadings if you cannot fit enough into your heading, and make sure that you take the time to edit repeatedly, ensuring that you end up with the clearest, most concise, version of your text.

2. Keep it simple. A cluttered form that demands a great deal of information from your user, or a page on which it is hard to find the call-to-action button, will be off-putting and soon turn potential customers away. Keep formats simple, use the minimum amount of copy and the shortest form that you can, and make it as easy as possible for your visitors to share their details with you.

3. Use great images. Images are a vital part of any advertising or promotional material, and landing pages need them too. Research your target demographic and ensure that you’re using images and icons that they can relate to, and avoid large chunks of text that are not broken up with images.

4. Make it shareable. Social media can make or break an advertising campaign, and if you include links to make sure that your visitors can share your landing page with their contacts in seconds, you could benefit from exposure to a huge network of like-minded contacts.

5. Keep it relevant. Make sure that your landing pages are relevant to the specific click through that leads to them. It’s not helpful if your advert offers a special price on a specific product, and then your landing page is your homepage, or a page that relates to your entire stock. Keep it specific, and target particular groups with offers relevant to them: the more landing pages you have, the more opportunities you have to make conversions!


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