A responsive mailing list can be a powerful internet marketing asset, but it is important to remember internet marketing is a two way street. From the list owner’s point of view the list exists for a specific reason and in most cases the list’s entire raison d’être is to generate sales. Different motivations will no doubt have inspired list members to opt-in. They will expect to receive something of value and are unlikely to consider their raison d’être to be lining someone else’s pocket. They may however consider a constant influx of hard-sell emails a good reason to opt-out from the list.

Giving Something Back

What’s the best thing a marketer can give their mailing list?

Useful information.

Internet marketers often try and give something back to their mailing lists by allowing them access to a free report or eBook. There’s nothing wrong with that. Most people are happy to receive a free download, but busy schedules can sometimes result in downloaded information being set aside for later and failing to provide anything of value because it is forgotten.

Short informative emails, on the other hand, are a different matter. It’s never a good idea to bombard subscribers, but many a subscriber will find the time to read an email about a subject that is close to their heart—and the interest must be there or they would never have opted in in the first place.

In the case of the golf niche, for instance, a keen golfer may find short tips on improving their handicap a welcome addition to their inbox. The same may be said for:

  • Time-saving tips on caring for their equipment
  • Reviews of golfing equipment
  • Golf course reviews
  • Information about popular golfing vacation destinations
  • Top [pick a number] lists
  • Recent news snippets about golfing personalities
  • Information about upcoming sales or discounts

Links to relevant products or services can then be subtly incorporated as and when required.

If the information on offer is in harmony with the interests of subscribers they may even look forward to receiving their weekly or bi-weekly mailings. Better still they could also mention the matter to their golfing buddies who may then become mailing list subscribers as well.