Choosing the right web hosting company is one of the most important decisions a webmaster has to make. Although a hasty or rash decision can be rectified later on, by moving the site to a more suitable web hosting comapay, such a maneuver can be time-consuming and stressful. It is far better to choose a reputable web host in begging and make sure their offered package is sufficient for the needs of the intended site.

Some Thoughts on Site Building and Content Management

Some webmasters still build their sites the old fashioned way and create their pages one at a time in html. There are plenty of arguments for building sites by this method, but many webmasters prefer to build their sites using a content management system. It’s usually a quicker way to get a site online and allows any future site updates to be carried out with minimal fuss, but some web hosting companies make it easier to install the software than others.

One Click Installation

Many web hosting companies now offer quick and easy one click installation for many of the most popular content management systems (WordPress, Joomla etc.) and also offer the same no-fuss installation option for popular shopping cart software (Zen Cart, Agora).  This is a time-saving option that can help webmasters avoid the need for uploading folders via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), setting different permissions (CHMOD) on various folders, and ensuring correct communication between the chosen content management system and the necessary MySQL database. A lot can go wrong with a conventional installation, and one click set-ups can prevent the need for hours of troubleshooting, so when a web hosting company offer one click installation it is a definite plus.

Site Builder

Building a site with an online site builder is not as easy as using a content management system (unless building a very simple site), but some webmasters find online site builders easier to work with than HTML editors and FTP software so—again—this is a point worth bearing in mind when choosing a web hosting company.


Choosing a web hosting package that allows easy installation of content management and ecommerce software, or easy to use online site building software, can make a webmaster’s life easier, but other factors must also be taken into consideration when choosing web hosting company. We’ll take a look at closer look at this in part 2 of this article.