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The Brief

We worked with PersonaliseMe to increase their online presence and grow their customer base. We were very successful in our efforts and the client was very happy with the results. Our work involved focusing on a number of key areas to maximise the online sales:

  • We reviewed and updated the website to improve user experience by providing simple menus structure and engaging banners to promote popular products; Creating clear call to action and highlighted the company’s USPs.
  • We focused on building traffic using Google Ad and Facebook Carousel Ads to create engaging ads to drive traffic.
  • We ramped up the social media effort in order to engage with the existing large community of users, and connect with new potential users. Tasks included running Facebook Competitions to promote the products and the brand while building our email address list for future contact.
  • We leveraged Email Marketing to reach the permission based contacts to bring the products choices to them. Clear layouts with easy click-through to the products for a simple checkout.
  • We maximised the use of cross sells and up sells to increase the average order value.


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