At ePresence, Professional Web Design is part of the overall solution that we provide to increase your leads and revenue.

Your website is like a business card – it’s available globally, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In many cases it will generate the first impression that a prospect will get of your company. In other cases it will be one of the places prospects will check to establish your company’s credibility. Your website should become your most effective advertisement. If your website design is not visually appealing and captivating, user-friendly and informative, you will lose business to your competition.

Professional web design

Your web design needs to reassure visitors when they arrive at your site that they are in the right place. When you design a website it must have the ability to keep prospective clients moving beyond the first page, stepping them through your site to make contact with your company, make a purchase, sign-up for a newsletter or whatever objective you have set for the site. With ePresence we guarantee professional web design.

Whatever the goal of your site may be, it must be able to funnel traffic to the right places and convert it into sales or leads.

We at ePresence have been on the cutting edge of professional web design for years, producing unique websites for an incredibly wide range of industries and markets. We understand how to produce website designs that keep visitors delving deeper into your content.

We work with clients in all industries and at different stages in their Internet growth

  • New Companies or Business creating their first Website. We will work with you to clearly understand your Website goals. We will use our experience to help you avoid many of the pitfalls of Web Design. We will design a website that will be easy to manage and will grow with your business.
  • Site Upgrade for companies who already have a web presence and want to move to the next level. We will analyse your existing web presence and work with you to understand the goals of the new site – including better return on investment, easy management and updating, better search engine optimisation, etc.
  • E-Commerce Websites for companies who want to start to sell their products online. We have flexible solutions that can be scaled as your business grows with a focus on customer acquisition and easy flow through the buying process to drive maximum sales.

A website can help your company build and establish a trusted brand and solidify your company image. As part of an Internet Marketing Solution, we can help you promote your products and services on the Internet. This is where our experience can help your company flourish. We measure our success based on yours and through our proven design methods, your chances for success can rise exponentially.

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