It’s been quite the year in the digital sphere. So far, 2018 has resulted in unprecedented changes that have shaken things up a bit.

Despite Cambridge Analytica knocking over the social apple cart earlier this year, Facebook have released an inspired new mission statement-promising to ‘return Facebook to what it was originally about’-friends.

This has prompted Facebook to implement a new algorithm that has slashed organic reach to as low as 2.7%. Now, more than ever before, it’s crucial for marketeers to get creative and find new ways of connecting with audiences. If you’re working in the digital marketing sector in 2018, we can guarantee you that Stories will quickly become your new best friend.

Time For Change

Since the launch of Snapchat in 2011, social media users everywhere have been getting to grips with advanced technologies such as filters, augmented reality, boomerangs and superzoom to allow them to get creative and to generate captivating and engaging stories for their followers. Fast forward to 2018 and people have embraced Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories with open arms, since their launch back in 2016.

What Are The Most Effective Tools For Engaging Stories?

Use Video Like A Pro
Whether you want to show live content or capture a moment to be shared later, video is the way to go. People engage with people, and while some text and images look great, video is essential for documenting what goes on behind the scenes of your brand.

Stick On A Filter
Add some variety and inject a bit of fun with filters. AR technology will make you look presentable on days when you don’t want to present those live videos, and adds colour and personality to a brand.

To Boomerang or not to Boomerang?
We say Boomerang! These fun videos can be highly effective when used correctly. Bring your brand to life with some humour. People could end up watching them for hours-some can be quite mesmerizing.

Superzoom On It!
Superzoom is another fantastic effect to build tension and drama, and to add that extra edge to your story.

Be Kind, Rewind
You can now play your videos in reverse if you feel like it. It’s all about varied content.

Text Body
You can now easily insert nice text with the text tool. Change between all of the fonts and background colours to create an eye-catching story filler

Get To Grips With Gifs
No story would be complete without using some Gifs. These animated photos are quirky and will add to conveying your message.

What The Metrics Are Showing

If you’ve been monitoring the metrics on Instagram Stories, you’ll have observed some fascinating results. While the click through rates on ads placed in Messenger and Stories are lower than your usual ads, people are engaging with them at a much more interactive level-resulting in a 73% reduction in the cost per click. It’s a largely known fact that Instagram has 10 times more engagement than Facebook and Twitter-with Stories in its infancy, you can imagine the potential for growth.

Scared To Use Stories?

If the thought of Stories scares you, think of hiring a designer to help you to create some visually appealing content. Screen sizes can be optimized to create compelling video or engaging swipe through pieces. The full lengths that one can go to, to create truly standout content have yet to be fully discovered but there’s massive potential for creativity, engagement and keeping it real on this platform.

If your budget won’t stretch to a designer, you have the option to Edit Placements in Facebook Advertiser. This will allow you to position posts in Messenger and in Facebook and Instagram Stories. Although the cost of advertising with Facebook have increased by 181% since 2016, the cost per click is substantially lower on Stories than it is to advertise on Facebook or Instagram feeds. These ads also seem much more native to users whose patience with advertising has well and truly waned as a result of being targeted so heavily with ad content over the past few years.

Conveniently, you can choose to share your stories on Facebook as well as Instagram, so that more people can view what you have to say.

We Can Help You With Your Strategy

Will you be using the Stories feature this year? If you need help with your social strategy, get in touch with us here at ePresence. We’d be happy to talk you through your options.


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