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It’s always handy to know how well pages are doing on the social networks. Apart from anything else the ability to monitor page shares can provide an insight into how popular individual pages/posts are with site/blog visitors. Then if certain subjects or formats appear to be a big hit with visitors it may be possible to create more content in a similar vein that could prove to be likewise successful.  

There are many ways marketers can monitor page shares and it matters little which method is used. Information is important, how the information was garnered is not; and for anyone searching for a quick and easy way to monitor page shares for individual pages, Muck Rack’s free Who Shared my Link Tool takes some beating. Simply paste the required URL into the tool, enter the captcha information, and you’re good to go.

The tool provides instant information about social shares on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google+

Paying members can also find out which journalists and bloggers shared the link, but membership can be costly and the extra information, though interesting, is not particularly useful to marketers hoping to create more shareable content.

How to Monitor Page Shares

The tool has only been available for about a year, so it’s still pretty new, but Muck Rack keeps improving it by adding new features. Last December saw the addition of a handy ‘bookmarklet” that can be added to browser bookmarks bars via drag and drop.  The bookmarklet removes the necessity to copy and paste URLS into the browser.  Simply visit the page, click the “Open in Muck Rack” button and enter the captcha information as normal.

More recently, Muck Rack has provided the option to create PDF reports in addition to the already existing ability to generate Excel reports.

Muck Rack’s tool is not the only way to monitor page shares, and may be of little interest to marketers who already have an existing method in place, but, for those who are looking a quick and simple way to monitor page shares for free, Muck Rack’s tool could be the perfect solution.

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