Using social media marketing for lead generation is certainly a powerful way to drive traffic to your business and is a skill which can be learnt. However it has to be done properly. Do it wrong and you’ll end up undoing all the hard work that you’ve put into your campaign. With this in mind, here are the ‘must do’ five commandments of social media marketing for lead generation purposes.

“Five Commandments for Social Media Marketing”

Fotolia_41259489_XS1-300x200Thou shalt always create great content

Lead generation from Social Media Marketing is pretty much a give and take relationship. By this I mean that a potential customer is unlikely to give you you their email address or contact details unless you let them takesomething of value away with them. As a result,  you need to create great content that you can give away in the form of e-books, reports, white papers or blogs. All of which should contain really useful information that adds value to the end user’s experience of visiting your site.

Thou shalt always optimise your online content

It’s one thing creating great content for your web site or articles for lead generation, but without a ‘call to action’ it’s going to be pretty useless. The key thing is to make sure that your online content (no matter what it consists of) should be optimised for lead generation. If it’s an opt in form, then make it visible and easy to use for your readers. If a reader has to hunt around for an opt in form, or can’t immediately see it, then the chances are they won’t bother and you social media marketing will fail to deliver.

Thou shalt practice continual marketing

It’s clear that from a social media marketing perspective a company or business has to build up a level of trust with the reader before they will make a purchase from you. Just because they’ve opted in and you’ve given them an information packed e-book for free, doesn’t mean that they’re going to buy from you straight away. Continual marketing is the key, but do it in a way that constantly offers something of value. Become a source of great information.

Thou shalt not forget the mobile marketplace

Like it or not, studies have show that 64% of us read emails through our mobile devices and if this is where your target market is, then businesses should be marketing via email. In addition, any lead generation pages used should always be designed with mobile users in mind.

Thou shalt always nurture your Social Media Marketing leads

According to a survey carried out by  around 79% of those leads generated never convert into sales. The main reason cited for this is a failure to nurture. Still not convinced? Here’s some more stats…

On average 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy at that time

  • Just 20% of leads that are nurtured have been found to produce a 20% increase in sales
  • Those that have been nurtured are ready to make larger purchases than those who aren’t

Using social media marketing techniques like blogs, Twitter and email campaigns to get people on your side and to build trust is proven to work, so if you want to turn your leads into buyers, then you really need to nurture them.

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