The latest website design trends for 2024

web design trends 2024

Web design has come a long way since its inception.

Over the years, we have seen significant advancements in technology, user experience and design aesthetics. In 2024, web design is expected to continue to evolve, offering users a more engaged and engaging experience.

With the rapid development of mobile devices and the increasing demand for seamless browsing across platforms, responsive design has become a standard practice in web design. Websites are now designed to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of the device used.

Another noteworthy trend in website design is the use of a minimalist and clean interface. Replacing cluttered and overwhelming designs with elegant and intuitive layouts that prioritise content and ease of navigation. This minimalist approach creates a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Moreover, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is revolutionising website design. AI-powered chatbots, personalised recommendations and predictive analytics improve user interactions and drive conversions. These technologies are expected to play a significant role in shaping the future of web design.

In summary, web design is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of users. Trends such as behavioural design and Memphis style came to the forefront in 2022 and represented uniqueness and had a major impact on the industry. Some trends have persisted and are still a priority, such as gradients, retro styles, etc. They will be popular in 2024 as well. But let’s take a look at innovative trends that will define website design in 2024.


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In 2024, AI will significantly impact website design. Thanks to AI, the website creation process will be more effective. AI analyses user data and design trends to create sites that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and user-optimised. AI tools can generate layouts, select colour schemes, and fonts and even suggest content, creating pages that are personalised and interactive. This technology also enables the creation of dynamic interfaces that adapt to individual user preferences and behaviour.


Gradients are at the top of the list, although they are not new, they are becoming a popular and lively trend in website design from year to year. This is because they are used frequently. They can be used to add depth to a flat image.

In 2018, gradients returned to the Instagram logo. Since then, gradient design has been greatly developed. Developers are convinced that this trend will continue in 2024, so we cannot ignore this fact. Many new templates have been created and this trend is constantly growing.
Gradients will be useful for creating the illusion of movement while maintaining minimalism and provide great opportunities for creativity. For these reasons, this trend is popular and considered a convenient equivalent, a substitute for motion design, but without the use of animation.

Complex gradients (Duotones) are a great choice even for minimalist-style apps and websites. When choosing a gradient, try to match all shades to a specific website or product. It is known that the most popular shades in design are green and blue with a bit of yellow. Let yourself be creative.


vivid gradient



Just like in fashion, in 2024, the retro aesthetic of the 2000s, known as Y2K effects, will be a popular trend in web design. This nostalgic trend will feature bold colours, pixel graphics and elements reminiscent of the early days of the internet. Y2K effects will attract users’ attention, adding a unique character to the website and making it stand out from more traditional designs.

Memphis style is back and doing well. Design that is bold and breaks established patterns. This year it will be very popular.


y2k effects
Source: By luisashala



Dynamic typography

In 2024, dynamic typography will be one of the key trends in website design. This style involves the use of moving, animated text elements that attract attention and add dynamism to websites. Such typography can be used to highlight important messages, highlight headlines, or as a creative way to present content. Animated text can be used to create an interactive experience, encouraging users to continue browsing the page.


dynamic typography efect



Parallax, scrolling and dynamic cursors

A few years ago we were afraid to scroll down a website and a popular trend was to put as much information as possible at the top of the home page so that people wouldn’t scroll down. However, scrolling is an important element of today’s mobile culture.

Parallax has been used for several years as a trend that can break the stereotype. This trend makes scrolling engaging for people, improves page interaction, and helps you get animated, interactive feedback all the time.

Dynamic cursors will be an important element of interactivity on websites in 2024. These cursors can change shape, size, colour or behaviour depending on the context on the page, adding an element of fun and interaction. Dynamic cursors can be used to indicate important elements, interact with content or as a creative design element. This innovation highlights the growing importance of interactivity and personalization in the user experience.


parallax efect



Glassmorphism, which will be popular in 2024, is a design style that is characterised by transparent, blurred backgrounds that resemble glass surfaces. This trend uses subtle shading and transparency effects to add depth and elegance to website designs. Glassmorphism can be used in various website elements, from cards, through backgrounds, to buttons and navigation bars, creating an impression of lightness and modernity. This is especially popular in user interfaces, where it can help organise content and draw attention to key elements.


glassmorphism efect
Source: By Hebert Emmatty Dribbble



Large, bold letters are something that will be very popular this year. This trend has been going on for several years, but now large typography is used on a wide scale to attract the user’s attention. The style of the letters is also important, the most fashionable are letters that look as if cut out from the background or the text mask (text as a photo or video)


large fonts



Handmade illustrations will be increasingly used in website design in 2024. These unique, artistic elements add a personal touch and warmth to websites, helping your brand stand out and tell its story. A combination of a drawing and a photo is often used – I like this trend the most. Handmade illustrations can be used to represent products, tell a brand story or as decorative elements, adding individuality and a creative touch to your website.


illustrations efect



Simple borders make pages look more organised and real. Separating parts from each other positively affects the browsing experience of visitors. Creators can provide more content without overwhelming the website. Until now, very delicate borders were used, but now such borders are visible with all their strength. Designers often use dark and thick frames to emphasise the readability of the page (just like in a traditional newspaper).

border efect



Overlapping text and images is one example of a style combination – instead of having separate images and text, you can overlay one element on top of the other. This creates the impression of a dynamic website and focuses the viewer on the text.
This effect should be used thoughtfully so that the design does not seem cluttered and overloaded.

The second such example is Typographic Layouts. Today’s web designers often abandon multimedia in favour of text-based layouts. Typographic layouts help give a website a minimalist and light look. Unusual text structures make the project as attractive and modern as the spatial visualisations.


combining trends


A key underlying theme for trends in 2024 is creating more engaging, intuitive and personalised experiences for users. The increasing importance of UX/UI, the use of kinetic typography, Y2K effects, vivid gradients, and glass morphism all demonstrate the desire to create websites that are not only eye-catching but also pleasant and easy to use. Integrated AR and VR solutions open up new possibilities for interaction with users, offering them unique experiences.

In 2024, we can expect these trends to continue to shape and define the web design industry. These will impact not only how we create and interact with websites, but also how brands communicate and engage with their users in the digital world of the internet.

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