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Whether it’s a speaker or smartphone, Google voice search usage has rapidly increased – much faster than expected. Leading research companies are predicting that 50% of all online searches will be conducted via Voice by 2020 – yes, this is shocking, and all the more reason to take your Voice Search SEO strategy very seriously.


Why Does Google Voice Search Matter and why should I care?

We have all seen smart speakers become an established part of the everyday routines of many people. With advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning in recent years, we are now experiencing massive changes in Google’s online voice search.

Let’s be honest, we like convenience, not just in our food choices or viewing subscriptions but also in our Google Searches too. And guess what, searching online with your voice is 3.7 times faster than typing. Faster searches =faster answers. Voice search is being used to find immediate on-the-go answers and since there are only up to three results on voice searches unlike 10 on a PC – if you’re not first, then you are last. In short, if ignored, voice search can negatively affect your organic Google rankings… and as a result, this will have a knock-on effect on your revenues.

Here at ePresence, we feel Google Voice Search will definitely make its’ mark and possibly upset the apple cart about traditional SEO. Our approach is to inform our clients, always keep updated on the latest developments and implement online voice search SEO for clients we partner with. Our goal is to maximise this new technology and prevent you from being left behind as the world of business steps up a pace again.

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  • 41% of adults (and 55% of teens) use voice search daily (Google).
  • 20% of all Google mobile queries are voice searches (Google).
  • Voice search has grown 35 times since 2008 (KPCB).
  • By 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches (Comscore).
  • Searching with your voice is 3.7 times faster than typing (Bing).
  • Voice search is more convenient. More than half of respondents in one survey stated they use voice search so they “don’t have to type” (Stone Temple).


Voice Search Company Cork Ireland


Get Ready for Voice Search | Read our Top SEO Tips:

Voice Search SEO is set to be the next big thing with the introduction of voice interfaces or digital personal assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Echo set to bring about a series of changes to the traditional SEO landscape. Voice interfaces are becoming an ever more common feature in modern homes and people are using voice searches and features to search quickly and to share information via soundbytes.

Preparing your business to adapt to voice search doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Working with us at ePresence (we’re a local digital marketing agency in Cork), can streamline the process and maximise the benefits while cutting down on stress. Our approach is based on the unique potential of your business, working in partnership with you to create a strategy that works.

Working with an experienced digital marketing team means that you don’t need to take on the responsibility of understanding this technology for yourself, but can outsource it to professionals who know how to get the best from it.

If you are considering Voice Search and how it will affect your business, you might find our Top Tips helpful:


Concentrate on phrases and long-tail keywords

One certain thing is that customer interaction with businesses has changed. Voice searches are different from traditional keywords, and customers have already made the move from disjointed keywords to long-tail phrases and sentences. Using natural language in your content is key. Use clear and understandable language in your voice search. When simple language is used, Google can easily understand which leads to a higher page ranking.


Go for local SEO.

Reports examining current trends online have discovered that, perhaps surprisingly, voice search is three times more likely to be used for local services. This is a crucial finding and shows the importance of maintaining good local information and contact details. When locals or tourists ask their voice search devices where to visit in the surrounding area, your business will only get a mention if it ticks all the relevant boxes.

Optimising your content to reflect local interest, including your exact location and correct opening hours, alongside the keywords that matter to your customers will be game-changing for you – it’s all about if you can identify the particular search terms that are likely to get you noticed and make the most of these. At ePresence, we always start with the customer. This means that in terms of voice search optimisation, we will start by finding out what sort of questions your customers are asking, and then we will create the answers to ensure that your business is the solution they need.


Prepare your website for Voice SEO.

Responding to customer demand is all about giving your customers what they want, and you should always aim to exceed the expectations of your audience. Voice search, for example, is another key area for which website optimisation is key, and you can prepare for this now.

Voice search is especially relevant to customers who want immediate and relevant answers to their queries, so this is a great place to start. Speed is the main key factor in voice search results with page speed having a major impact on voice search SEO. Voice search results load in 4.6 seconds which is 52% faster than your average page.

We will help you to identify the points at which customers are likely to be searching for a business such as yours, as well as the sort of information they will be seeking at this stage. Our role is to maximise the potential of your business to meet this need, by ensuring that your website provides all of the relevant information required and connects them effectively with your business and your brand.

Your business must now be optimised for mobile, both for voice search and for local SEO, ensuring that your website is user-friendly, quick to load, accessible and relevant, especially to your local area. Https websites outrank Http on Voice Search. According to Backlinko, 70.4% of voice search URLs are HTTPS, so it’s something to consider for the future. It is key to ensure your website is ready for the future of voice search.


Set up for specifics.

Voice search is designed to deal with long and conversational phrases and full sentences, but it is also a specific medium that relies on accuracy and relevance. When a user requests a local coffee shop, for example, your business will be flagged up effectively as long as your website and content are optimised for this purpose. The best way to optimise your content and your website for queries such as this is to create blog content or a Frequently Asked Questions page that contains relevant and conversational responses. The combination of authority and approachability is the perfect way to create the type of content that includes the long-tail keywords and phrases you need to ensure that your website is optimised for voice search.


Tailor Your Snippets.

You’re increasing your chance of being featured in voice search if your snippet is a featured one. Take care to tailor your snippets or descriptions of what the page is about for good ranking. Backlinko states that 40.7% of voice searches come from featured snippets which are staggeringly high. Use this to your advantage.


Build your brand.

Optimising for voice search is an important part of maintaining a current and engaged relationship with your customers, and the potential for brand development is just beginning to be realised. With specific and directed content that can reach your customers at the moments they need it most, you can begin to build connections that will serve them and contribute to a loyal and committed customer relationship.

Working with longer phrases and keywords to accommodate the conversational connection that customers tend to develop with their voice search speakers will enable you to make the most of the medium and give your customers the results they want.

Content with high levels of social engagement performs well on voice search with content with over 1199 shares on Facebook and 44 on Twitter featuring more predominantly in search. These share numbers are quite high but Google clearly states that they do not use social signals in their strategy which shows it’s a coincidence but it’s still an effective way of getting shown on voice search so be mindful of your social media.


Make the most of your Digital Marketing in Cork

Allowing the latest business trends to take you by surprise is not a good path to take, and this is something you will avoid when you work with us at ePresence Digital Marketing Agency in Cork. Our mission is to ensure that you are prepared for every new development in the world of online marketing, and we will create a strategy that works for you, every time.

Voice search is just one of many ways to optimise the effectiveness of your business online, and making the most of the opportunities it offers is a crucial way to take your business forward. Just as optimising your website for mobile usage has been an essential way to remain in play as a business in recent years, optimising for voice search is a crucial part of customer engagement. Don’t be left behind!


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